Anthony, Kansas

Anthony, Kansas

"Active, Attractive & Alive"

Anthony, established on the edge of a beautiful valley in 1878, is everything today that the founders could hope for and more.

When Harper County was organized, Governor George Tobey Anthony was given the authority to locate the county seat. The reward for his choice was to have the town named Anthony. Governor Anthony was a Quaker farm boy from New York who came to Kansas in 1865. In spite of his Quaker background, he served so successfully in the Union army that he was brevetted major for special service at Appomattax.

The founders wanted a town that had good schools, churches and a feeling of "community". On that day, they saw the beginning of a community that was rich in agriculture but one that would fulfill the trade needs of its citizens and bring people to Anthony from miles around.

The town believes it is providing a quality of life that makes it possible for people to raise their families without fear. Anthony is a pleasant town - a good place to live and bring up a family. It is equally good to retire in. The town has services that can fulfill the needs of all ages.

Anthony prides itself on it's hospitality and friendliness. The citizens and entire community invite you to come visit Anthony!

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