Grand Island, Nebraska

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Special Video for Gary and Patsy Robinson Grand Island Nebraska

Gary and Patsy, when i came to Grand Island, Nebraska, I had to drive through and take some video to send you. I know you were born and raised in Grand Islan...

Grand Island, Nebraska Tornado 3-13-1990 ( Video 1 )

the many faces of Grand Island Nebraska

i guess now you cant walk down a public sidewalk without "crazy people" molesting you for walking down a public sidewalk! note how the cops tell my business ...

Grand Island Nebraska police harassing us again

this video was taken July 16, 2011 they were there to attempt to censer my free speech rights even after being notified that i have the right to free speech...

Grand Island Nebraska police harass us again 3

Taken July 17,2011 I'm posting signs which is my constitutional right and the police show up threatening that they are going to refer me for disturbing the p...

Grand Island, Nebraska (More of)

On our way to delivery in Grand Island, Nebraska US281 North To find out all my current trip information, truckcams, GPS, photos, panoramas, and more, visit ...