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Derailed Railroad Co. Museum

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Derailed Railroad Co. Museum - DISPLAY MOVED TO TOP OF OKLAHOMA MUSEUM, 303 South Main -

More than a museum with exhibits on a shelf, the Derailed Railroad Company Museum is living history of the working train system only on a scale where you can see the whole cross country track from the platform of conductor, Leroy Jacks. Learn how trains use a language of lights to communicate which one crosses the bridge at which time. Remember, there is only one track and you can't turn a train around if another approaches on the same track! Some of the miniature rail cars are collector items and some were designed by Conductor LeRoy Jacks to replicate the fine detail of the trains that regularly passed through the Blackwell station.

Besides rail cars and tracks, the Derailed Railroad also features train memorabilia and even artifacts from World War II. Did you know that rail nails are numbered - see if you can find a numerical collection at the museum. This unique museum is one the entire family will enjoy.

Upon Creator/Conductor, LeRoy Jacks' passing, his collection was moved to the Top of Oklahoma Museum for continual enjoyment and learning of the ways of the railroad.

Admission: Free Admission
Hours: Open Monday - Saturday, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., Sunday, 1 - 5 P.M.
Address: Electric Park Pavilion, 303 South Main
Phone: 580-363-0209

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