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Outdoor Murals The Cherokee Strip Land Run - Robert Cooke, 1998

Northwest wall at 6th and College

A Wintery Homestead Scene
Southwest wall at 6th and College

"Burning of the Castle on the Hill", 1935 - artist, Stan Herd, 2000
Located east of the Courthouse Square

How exciting to catch this mural in its creation, from it's sketches to the partial application of the bright paints. See if you can distinquish the "real" artist from the artist in the mural!

- Artist, Roger Cooke, Sandy, Oregon
Roger Cooke Fine Arts

Located one block east of the Courthouse Square on the west side of the intersection.

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Cherokee Strip Museum

In 1975 the Cherokee Strip Museum Association acquired the former Alva City Hospital building with its 40 rooms to house one of Oklahoma's best collections of pioneer exhibits. Several of the rooms are set up to display specific period artifacts. * Gun Room * Hat Room * Drug Store *

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Centennial Marker

The Alva Centennial Marker ( 1893 - 1993) is "dedicated to the Cherokee Outlet's pioneers whose sacrifices made the prairie bloom and provided the descendants with a proud heritage."

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World War II POW Camp

A World War II POW Camp was located just south of Alva in the 1940s. More than 5,000 prisoners were interned at a time when the population of Alva itself was only 3,500.

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Historic Churches

The Alva Friends Church was established in 1901 and located at this spot in 1919 as Alva's first Church. The Fire Bell was Fire Bellplaced in this church in Wichita, Kansas, in 1893, and was moved to Alva, Oklahoma, in 1895.

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