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Santa Fe Depot The Santa Fe Depot remains as an icon to the bygone days of railroading with memories of steam locomotives, doodlebugs and cabooses. Built in 1910, it is the only depot of this style left standing on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway's former Southern Kansas Lines. The waiting area beneath the old brick archway and the numerous beveled glass windows make this depot an unforgettable landmark.

It stood in a state of disrepair after the Santa Fe had no further use of the facilities. Eventually the Chamber of Commerce set up headquarters there, and a model railroad club from Parsons constructed a complete Cherryvale area model railroad display in the baggage room of this depot. The Dick Webb family, owners of the South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad, took possession of the depot in 1992, and with a rail excursion and preservation group, restored the depot to it's original grandeur, keeping every element to it's original status in 1910. With the purchase of three climate controlled passenger cars, Webb's Heart of the Heartlands offers excursion train rides out of Cherryvale and other area towns during special celebrations.

The railroad boom in Cherryvale began in 1879 when the Frisco Railroad reached Cherryvale, crossing the already built Santa Fe. The Memphis Railroad Company extended it's road from Parsons to Cherryvale, and the Santa Fe extended it's road westward and built a branch line south to Coffeyville. The fall of 1880 saw the M.K. & T. Narrow Gauge road extended from Parsons to Cherryvale. By 1886, Cherryvale had railroads branching in many directions, and the railroad business was thriving.
Just as it did in the 1800's, the railroad continues to have a major influence in Cherryvale. The South, Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad currently uses the north-south railroad tracks through Cherryvale with several trains carrying freight and cargo through town.

Address: 123 North Depot Street

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Bloody Bender Family 1871-1873

Ruthless Keepers of the Devil's Inn "Near here are the Bender Mounds, named for the infamous Bender family, John, his wife, son, and daughter Kate, who settled here in 1871

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Lakeview Country Club & Resort

The Lakeview Country Golf Club & Resort is on 150-arcres, with a 50-acre fresh water lake that was at one time Cherryvale's municipal waterworks. It is open 7 days a week, with a 9-hole golf course featuring a putting green, driving range and pro shop.

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Cherryvale Museum

The Cherryvale Museum is itself the dream of a woman who lived here when she was a little girl. Opal Conduitte moved with her parents to Florida, and when she died in 1964

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Tanko Lake

Santa Fe Tanko Lake was built in 1870 to draw fresh water for the Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston Railway steam locomotives and later for the Atchison Topeka Santa Fe Railway's steam locomotives. The 45-acre lake was deeded by the Santa Fe Railway to the city as a New Years gift in 1954

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Carnegie Library

Cherryvale's public library, built in 1913, is one of the few Carnegie Libraries still in use. Early in 1909, the Cherryvale Women's Club set a goal to establish a library with an adjoining room for rural women to rest and visit after their long horse and buggy ride to shop in town. In 1912

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