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C.A.R.E. - Center for Animal Research and Education The Center for Animal Research & Education, (CARE) was founded to provide for the rescue, rehabilitation, and holistic nurturing of sick, injured or abused big cats, thus ensuring a vital habitat and safe haven for them to live in comfort and with dignity.  Further, with public education and research, to ultimately ensure the future of the species.

Currently, CARE is home to 1 Snow Leopard, 7 Cougars, 5 Black & Spotted Leopards, 3 African Lions, and 37 White and Orange Tigers.

CARE is dedicated to working for and with this feline family to:
- Provide a resource to the animal medical and scientific community for study, research and the development of programs. The objective is to learn from the animals' natural behaviors, instincts and habitats. No experimentation of any kind will ever take place nor will the animals' safety and comfort ever be compromised.
- Provide a medical and scientific educational forum for veterinarians, veterinary students, animal caregivers, environmentalists, animal trainers, and volunteers and a place for collaboration on learned and discovered techniques to enhance the quality of life of big cats in captivity.
- Establish a public awareness of the magnificence of the big cats, the activities at the Center and the issues faced in caring for large exotic felines in order to create a better understanding of the level of commitment required and to facilitate greater community involvement.
- Provide a safe educational and recreational venue where families, groups, school children, and people of all ages can gather to observe and learn from these great creatures.

Open tours available on weekends. Tours by appointment on weekdays. Children have to be at least 7 years old to go on Sanctuary tours unless special arrangements are made with CARE.

Admission: The minimum donation suggested for CARE tours is $10 per adult and/or $5 per child.
Hours: Tours: Saturdays & Sundays 10:30 - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday by Appointmen
Address: 245 CR 3422
Phone: 940-683-5034
Our Email:

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