The Cherokee Inn

The Cherokee Inn

1720 S. Grand
Cherokee OK 73728
Ph: 580-596-2828
Additional Information
A nice motel in a nice community. You're always welcome at the Cherokee Inn. Clean and comfortable rooms that will help ensure your stay to be restful and relaxing. Give us a call or drop by and let us make your visit a more enjoyable one. And don't forget we have the Cherokee Station restaurant next door. Fine Dining as well as all your regular favorites. Friendly and Unique. Next door to the Cherokee Inn Motel. Come on in, you'll feel like your at home but let us do all the fixin's for you. You'll love our cooking, as well as our atmosphere. We will take special care of you and make your stay or visit a more delectible one.

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Artesian Well

An ever-flowing "Artesian well" spring is located northeast of Cherokee, Oklahoma, and provides a cool drink for travelers and a "fill-your-own-container" source of water for many homes of the area. In 2003

Cherokee, OK Natural Attractions

Salt Flats and Selenite Crystals

The salt plains are a unique geological area. Visitors may enjoy viewing the near perfectly flat 11,000-acre barren area with the wafer thin salt crust or dig for the Famous Salt Plains selenite crystals with the hour-glass sand inclusion.

Cherokee, OK Natural Attractions

Centennial Wall

The Cherokee Strip Centennial Wall is inlaid with bricks etched with names commemorating the first homesteaders and pioneers who settled this area during the 1893 Land Run and contributed to the growth of our city.

Cherokee, OK Memorials

Alfalfa County Museum

The Alfalfa County Museum occupies the 1929 National Historic Cherokee Hotel, that to this day is the tallest four story building in Alfalfa County. Currently the museum'

Cherokee, OK Museums

Things to do near Cherokee, OK