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Cloud County, KS

Cloud CountyStained Glass Capitol of Kansas
Be dazzled by the kaleidoscope of colors in a self-guided tour of stained glass windows in churches throughout the county. Don't miss the historic Brown Grand Theatre and Nazareth Convent in Concordia. Pum water by the windmill inside the Cloud County Historical Museum in the old Carnegie Library in Concordia. Walk across the stone arch bridge in Rice and savor the quiet. Watch migratory birds at the Jamestown Waterfowl Area or bald eagles on the Republican River. Feast your eyes on spectacular sunsets. Enjoy the relaxed, uncrowded, friendly atmosphere of Cloud County in North Central Kansas.

Cloud County history began in controversy, first over the name of the county and then over the location of the county seat. When the township was first formed in 1859 it was named Shirley by Riley County territorial legislator, D.L. Chandler, after Massachusett's Governor Shirley. However, rumor ran that the name referred to a lady of questionable character from the Ft. Riley area, so a bill was passed to change the name in honor of Col. William F. Cloud, a highly respected Civil War officer of the 2nd Kansas Cavalry.

The town of Clyde located on the north side of the Republican River was established and a logical site for the county seat. However, when the industrious James Hagaman decided to build and develop in Clyde, the city fathers dubiously modified their original transaction, and Hagaman vied he would never let Clyde become the county seat and took out his claim south of the river, founded Concordia, and developed it to become the permament county seat.

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Concordia Country Club
Concordia, KS | Category: Golf Courses
Open to the public each Tuesday; out of county may play anytime. Grass Greens. Concordia Country Club

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Wilson Lake
Region : Post Rock Country, KS
Wilson LakeWilson Lake is an important recreational resource for many of the surrounding towns. It is a 9,100-acre lake and has over 100 miles of beautiful shoreline. Considered to be a premier striped bass and smallmouth bass lake, fishing is the top pleasure at Wilson Lake, but there are more things to do. Wilson Lake