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Primitive Tent Camping

picking and setting up a primitive tent cam...

May 31, 2017No Comments98,081 Views

I was asked to describe my “actions” in picking and setting up my primitive tent camp site when I knew there was a good possibility

Frontier Town, Cave Creek, Arizona

The Lake Pleasant Road Trip

May 29, 2017No Comments9,937 Views

If you find yourself in the Arizona heat and in need of a puddle to play in, look no further than Lake Pleasant.  This is quite

Smallmouth Bass

Tips for smallmouth Bass

May 16, 2017No Comments6,861 Views

The big ones are lazy so look for moving water.  Lazy and moving water?  Doesn’t seem to make sense, but the larger smallmouth hang out


Find Your Inner Child Again in a Treehouse

Jan 12, 2016Comments off34,176 Views

Connect with your inner child and with nature by staying at a treehouse instead of a hotel during your next holiday. This unconventional accommodation is