Audubon Crane Sanctuary

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Every spring they come...A half million of them. Most of the sandhill cranes on this earth. And for a long, splendid month in March and early April they live and dance along the Platte River north of Minden, Neb. There may be a whooping crane among them, traveling along to Arctic nesting grounds. Togeher, these maginificent birds represent one of nature's most unforgettable spectacles. At sunrise the old railoroad bridge a mile north of Fort Kearny is the ideal place to watch the cranes. Plan on arriving a half-hour before sunrise and staying a half-hour after sunset. Seats and parking are plentiful. Another good location for watching the cranes leave and come back to the roost is the south bridge over the Platte River on Highway 10--park your car just south of the bridge. During the day, the cranes feed in the cornfields along Highways 50 and 10. It's important that you stay in your car to watch the birds as thry are extremely wary of persons on foot. Located 10 miles North of Minden.

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WPA Post Office Mural

At the southeast corner of the square is the Minden Post Office. It was completed in 1937 in the style called by some "WPA Moderne". The mural over the postmaster's door was painted by Willow E. Bunn in the WPA artists' program in 1939.

Minden, NE Arts

Opera House Mural

A highlight of the Ruth Armstrong Theater is the Dick and Kaylyn McBride Mural. what a story it tells! This beautiful 2000

Minden, NE Arts

Minden Opera House

Minden Opera House was built in 1891 and featured plays and Monday night dances that drew traveling bands until entertainment events at the facility ceased in the late 1940'

Minden, NE Historic Buildings

Burlington-Northern Depot

The Minden depot is a brick/stucco structure completed in 1913. The original frame depot was then used as a freight house placed to the west of the passenger depot. The engineering department of the old CB&Q, predecessor of BN, designed several floor plans during the period of 1910-1920

Minden, NE Railroad History

Evangelical Free Church

Originally built as the First Presbyterian Church in 1909

Minden, NE Historic Churches

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Audubon Crane Sanctuary

Every spring they come...A half million of them. Most of the sandhill cranes on this earth. And for a long, splendid month in...