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Historic Homes Rarely is a town the size of Superior, Nebraska filled with so many elegantly restored historical homes. It is no wonder it was given the name "Victorian Capital of Nebraska." Only a few of over 26 featured homes are exemplified below. Several of Superior Victorian homes are open for touring during the Victorian Festival Honoring Lady Vestey. Owners welcome visitors to interiors restored to their Victorian elegance.Kendall House- 412 E. Seventh

412 E. Seventh - The Kendall House, now owned by Wilfred and Helen Miller, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1898, the house is generally one of several open for tours during the Victorian Festival HonoringLady Vestey. The home is a Queen Anne Shingle house built by a druggist, Wallace W. Kendall. The three-story house includes a 30 x 40 foot ballroom on the top floor with a stage at one end. The house was prefabricated and shipped to Superior in a railroad boxcar. The Millers have carefully restored the house, in which much of the original wood work, beams and wallpaper are intact.

Located on the property adjacent to the house is Willie's Chapel, constructed in miniature and filled with authentic items from razed churches around the area. The "World's Littlest Church" is officially dedicated as "The Historical Chapel of St. Michael, the Archangel."Guthrie House - 653 N. Kansas

653 N. Kansas - The Guthrie House - The gray and maroon Victorian house was built in 1881 by Robert Guthrie, the older brother in the Guthrie Brothers Flour Mill. Robert and his brother, David, arrived in 1879. They built a low dam on the Republican River, dug a mill race forty feet wide, ten feet deep and one and one-half miles long to power their flour mill, all at a cost of $20,000. Grindstones were soon replaced by modern roller mills and electric generators were added. This house sold in 1906 to J.S. Montgomery, a retired farmer, and many people still know this as the Montgomery place. It still has much of the original oak floors, stained glass windows, and unique turret.Beal House - 340 E. Seventh

340 E. Seventh - The Beal House - The large Victorian-style house is now known as the "Hunter House," having been in the Hunter family since 1949. The house was built in 1881 by Uriah Beal, whose family occupied the place until 1920, when it was sold to Joseph A. Weir. It returned to the Beal family in 1930 and they installed Superior's first underground sprinkler system in the lawn. The present owners, Lewis and Pamela Hunter, were married on its front porch and are planning to retire in Superior soon. He is a Hollywood writer and they divide their time between Burbank, California, and Superior. The home still has its original woodwork, two stairways to the second floor, fireplaces and a grand piano in the octagon corner of the living room.Adam's House - 514 E. Seventh

514 E. Seventh - Adams House - There is no more prominent and widely-known Superior family than Captain Clair Adams and Abbie, who built this house in 1886 and named it "The Cedars" for twin rows of trees lining the front walk. He was a colonel during the Civil War. She was president of the National Women's Relief Corps and founded Superior's Daughters of the American Revolution. Captain Adams was a member of the Nebraska State Legislature and a candidate for Congress of the United States. The towns of Mr. Clair and Cadams in Nuckolls County were named for him. It is hard to believe that this magnificent home was in a state of disrepair several years ago.Simonton House - 537 N. Kansas

537 N. Kansas - The Simonton House - This large Victorian-style house was built in 1883 by Robert Simonton, an attorney. There were several owners until 1889, when the house was sold to Frederick and Wilhelmina Lionberger, a commercial traveler who had established a boot and shoe store in downtown Superior. The Lionberger's son Earle, a graduate Chemical engineer, returned to Superior upon the death of his father in 1917. He took over the store, moved into the house and it stayed in the family until 1977, a period of 78 years. The sun room, leaded glass windows and rounded corners make it a beautiful home.

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Willie's Chapel

Wilfred Miller completed this chapel in 1995. He built it the same size as the "World's Littlest Church" in Festina, Iowa. Everything is authentic and is from historical buildings throughout the area that have been torn down. The steeple is dated 1898 and is from the Presbyterian Church in Nelson;

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The Carnegie Building

This Colonial-style building was erected in 1908 by the Ladies Library Association under the Carnegie endowment program. The building is a striking example of Colonial and Dutch Colonial architecture. The Ladies Library Association was founded March 29, 1882. A frame building was erected in 1887

Superior, NE Carnegie Libraries

Evelene Brodstone - Lady Vestey, 1875-1941

From a samll farmhouse on the outskirts of pioneer Superior to a luxurious castle on a 30-acre estate within the London city limits.

From $12 a week as a stenographer to the highest salary paid to a woman in her day, comparable to $10 million in today's world.


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Outdoor Murals

In 1993 this 100-foot wall mural depicting a typical Victorian street and business logos from early Superior, was designed and painted by Anne Beeson, an art teacher at the Clarkson Public Schools. It incorporates features of 15 historic buildings in the town.

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Lincoln Park - RV Camping

Spacious Lincoln Park has a shaded camping area with cement pads and free hookups for 20 campers, as well as a beautiful botanical garden. A dump station and modern restrooms are also provided, as well as a horseshoe pitching area, sand volleyball, tennis courts, picnic shelters and a children'

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