Holy Angels Catholic Church

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The Holy Angels Catholic Church is a Romanesque Revival Church with Mission Revival influences, with remarkable stained glass windows. Constructed between 1916 and 1918, the church is a two-story building with a four-story bell tower incorporated into the southwest corner. With the exception of the basement, the church is built primarily of monochromatic gray tufa stone, quarried near Rice, Arizona on the San Carlos Indian Reservation. A striking feature of the entrance is a quatrefoil window surrounded by an elaborate stone molding and filled with leaded, stained glass. The window is set in a large, semi-circular arched, stone panel recessed a few inches into the wall. The quatrefoil window is repeated in the west facade without the trim molding. The northwest and southeast facades of the building feature tall, semi-circular arched windows depicting angels.

Italian Renaissance Revival details predominate the interior, most notably in the altar. The plaster altar, carefully painted to simulate marble, was reportedly imported from Italy. Particularly noteworthy is a high relief depiction of the "Last Supper" at the base of the altar.

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Holy Angels Catholic Church

The Holy Angels Catholic Church is a Romanesque Revival Church with Mission Revival influences, with remarkable stained glass...