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In January 1903 the Cuming County Supervisors awarded an annual bridge construction contract to the
Standard Bridge Company of Omaha. In 1903 the county undertook an ambitious bridge-building program,
ordering sixty new or rebuilt bridges. Among the structures erected that year by Standard Bridge was this pinned
Pratt half-hip pony truss. Located northwest of Bancroft, the bridge carries a gravel surfaced county road over
Rattlesnake Creek in northeastern Cuming County. With annual contracts for eastern Nebraska counties such as
Cuming, Wayne, Thurston, Stanton, Dodge, and Burt, the Standard Bridge Company erected hundreds of
half-hip trusses between 1900 and 1920. Many remain in place today. The Rattlesnake Creek Bridge is
distinguished as the oldest documentable example among these and is listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks.

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Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte

Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte was born in 1865 to the last recognized chief of the Omaha tribe. Her father, Iron Eyes, encouraged his children to learn the ways of the majority white culture. Upon graduation from the Philadelphia Women's Medical College in 1889

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John G. Neihardt - Poet Laureate - 1881-1973

Author, lecturer, and award-winning poet, John Gneisenau Neihardt, arrived in Nebraska in 1892 at the age of eleven. Settling in Bancroft from 1900 to 1920

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The Neihardt Center

The Neihardt Center has been constructed for the study and preservation of the works of John G. Neihardt. The memorial room repeats the symbolism of the Hoop of the World and chronicles Neihardt's life, works and the times in which he lived. See the study where Neihardt began his epic poem

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The Sacred Hoop Garden

The Sacred Hoop Prayer Garden is a living symbol of the Hoop of the World from the vision of the Oglala Lakota Holy Man Black Elk, found in John G. Neihardt's, Black Elk Speaks. The Prayer Garden was designed by Neihardt. The symbolism is explained on signs along the quiet garden paths. Bancroft, NE Indian Heritage

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Rootsweb:::::::::::::: Cuming County was formed by a territorial act approved March 16, 1855. Boundaries were redefined February 12, 1857 and again January 10, 1862. The county was named in honor of Thomas B. Cuming, acting governor of Nebraska Territory from 1854 to 1855 and and from 1857 to 1858

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