The Victorian Theater

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The Victorian Theater The Victorian Theater is a groundbreaking, exciting new concept in combining fine dining, entertainment and retail sales all located in one facility designed to bring patrons the ultimate multisensory experience.

The interior has been professionally decorated with exquisite original art, waterfalls, fountains, illuminating trees and Victorian styled streetlamps. Dining tables are positioned in a fashion which provides the illusion of dining in an outdoor environment within a private setting. The Victorian theme is evident throughout the facility, including period costumes for the wait staff, which adds to the effect of relaxation during a time when Dinner was truly a social event to be savored.

The 500-seat facility has round tables and can seat up to six persons per table. Centerpieces of Victorian fairies with moving wings will fascinate and enhance the dining pleasure. Meals are Chef-prepared with the finest cuts of Black Angus steaks, especially prepared to be tender and satisfy the most discriminating palate. Vegetables, as well as our gourmet desserts, are prepared with an European flair and flavor.

The indoor mini-mall consists of two shops, a designer label shop for women focusing on the plus size woman but accommodating average sizes as well. Men, as well, again with a focus on plus sizes, will be fascinated to find Armani, Gucci and other top names, for the discriminating person who wishes to dress well, at reasonable prices. The Gift Shop will have items which are difficult to find, including scrolling lighted belt buckles, Austrian Crystal neckties, belts, designer handbags and dozens of other items.

The theater, with wide screen, has been approved by the seven major Movie Studios, to show first run movies on the nights we do not offer live concerts and truly is a 'Dinner and a Movie' experience. The semi circle, raised 65-foot stage is designed to hold large musical acts as well as live theater.

For those who smoke, a glassed in area has been built, with the same ambiance so patrons can enjoy the same dining experience as those who do not smoke and has met State requirements for indoor smoking, without offending other patrons who are non-smokers.

The concession stand, with both Coca-Cola and Pepsi products, also has healthy drinks available for those who prefer lighter beverages.

Two stretch limos for transportation, each holding a capacity of 8 persons, can be provided.

Children under 12 are not allowed in the Dining areas, in order for diners to have a more pleasurable experience. In the future, a child care facility on premises will be available with CCTV monitors in order for parents to view their children at all times while still enjoying a private evening without having to leave the children at home.

Admission: One price ticket includes both a fine meal and the concert.
Hours: Grand Opening on May 19 and 20, 2006
Address: 300 East Main
Phone: 866-868-7110
Our Email:

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