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Finney CountyPrior to 1872, Finney County, a part of the Great American Desert, was uninhabited except for traders on the Santa Fe Trail or by Indians on the move. The earliest settlement, a ranch headquarters, started at the Santa Fe crossing at the east edge of the county. Open range, access to railroad shipping and expanding beef markets enticed additional ranchers into the area.

James R. and William D. Fulton, a couple of wild horse hunters, filed homestead claims in 1878 in the center of the county known as Sequoyah at that time. Joining in Garden City's foundation was a young member of their outfit, John A. Stevens. A year later, C.J. Jones, a well-known promoter, joined the trio. It was through his persistent appeal that the Santa Fe eventually built a depot at the site of the tiny settlement. When land in the county was opened for homesteading, speculators and promoters lured Easterners to the treeless prairie, where sod houses and claim shacks soon dotted every quarter section.

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Finney Game Refuge

The Sandsage Bison Range is a 3,670

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Buffalo Dunes Municipal Golf

Few communities of Garden City's size can boast two regulation golf courses within a couple of miles of town. While the country club course is one of the best around, this municipal course is also considered to be among the top facilities. In it'

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The "Big" Pool

Our pool is about half a city block in size and it holds 2.5 million gallons of water! Our "little" swimming hole is open during the summer months.

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Southwind Golf Club

There's a reason for the name of Southwind Country Club. The course was opened in 1980 with one over-riding factor in mind: in southwest Kansas, the wind blows from the south, often and hard!

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Lee Richardson Zoo

Go on safari right here in Garden City! The Lee Richardson Zoo offers beautiful grounds and fascinating creatures from all over the globe. Over 350 animals are displayed within the 47

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Finney County Courthouse

The first courthouse in Finney County was built in October, 1885, at this location. The county soon outgrew the small building and in 1902 was moved to a larger building at 113 South Main Street until the present courthouse was built in 1929. C.J. "Buffalo"

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Windsor Hotel

This four story hotel was sometimes referred to as the "Waldorf of the Prairies". In 1887, John A. Stevens built the hotel next to the Opera House (the Opera House no longer exists). it was built of native stone and brick kilned locally. It contained 125 rooms, no closets and few bathrooms.

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Finnup Center for Conservation Education

The Finnup Center for Conservation Education is a state-of-the-art facility which helps the zoo fulfill its primary mission of education. The beautifully crafted center is named for its benefactor, the Finnup family, long time supporters of the zoo and Finnup Park. Completed in the spring of 199

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C.J. "Buffalo" Jones Statue

The bronze statue on the courthouse lawn was unveiled in September 1978 and dedicated at the July 4, 1979 celebration of Garden City's Centennial. Highlights of Jones'

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Finnup Park
Land for the park was donated to the city in 1919 by George Finnup in memory of his father, Frederick, an early pioneer. Located in Finnup Park:

Finney County Historical Museum

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Golden Locket Golf Course

Course Access: Public
Holes: 9
Reserve Advance Tee Times: 5

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C & D's World on Wheels

Go-Karts, Bumper Cars, Mini golf, Roller Skating, Arcade Games, Food Court. Book the banquet room for your party!

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