High Plains, Kansas Museums

  • Last Indian Raid Museum

    Last Indian Raid Museum

    The Decatur County Museum is a celebration of prairie life. You can step back into the past by visiting the one-room schoolhouse, 1885

  • Hill City Oil Museum

    The Oil Museum tells the story of oil from formations deep in the earth to it's recovery, processing and use. Many pieces of equipment used in the process over the years are on display.

  • Graham County Historical Society & Museum

    Graham County Historical Society & Museum

    The purpose of the Graham County Historical Society is to discover and collect any materials pertaining to the history of this area. Archival resources include the following:

  • Oil Museum

    Beneath an oil derrick on west Highway 24 in Hill City, the Oil Museum tells the story of oil from formations deep in the earth to it'

  • Nicodemus National Historic Site

    Nicodemus National Historic Site

    The Nicodemus National Historic Site preserves, protects and interprets the only remaining western town established by African Americans during the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War.

  • Fick Fossil & Historical Museum

    Fick Fossil & Historical Museum

    Oakley's Fick Fossil and Historical Museum is listed among the 25 Great Museums in the U.S. Local fossils, a general store, fine antiques, a sod house, artifacts from Fort Monument, and over 1,500

  • Norton County Historical Museum

    Norton County Historical Museum

    Did you know that Norton County, Kansas, was the site of one of the biggest meteor impacts in the United States? At about 5:00 p.m. on February 18, 1948

  • "They Also Ran" Gallery

    "What do Stephen A. Douglas, Horace Greeley, Horation Seymour, Henry Clay, Alf Landon, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter have in common? - They all ran for President ... and lost."

  • Windmill Collection

    Windmill Collection

    Sunflower Pioneer Power grounds are located in the block at the north end of town with a restored village of the late 1800

  • Fort Bissell Museum

    Fort Bissell Museum

    Fort Bissell was built in 1872 on the land of John Bissell, while roving bands of Indians were still in the area. It was located on a bend of Bissell Creek 2?

  • Rawlins County Museum

    Rawlins County Museum

    History surrounds the area and is highlighted in Atwood at the Rawlins County Museum. The museum houses a mural of the county'

  • High Plains Museum

    High Plains Museum

    Kansas has a unique history and no less so than Goodland and Sherman County. The High Plains Museum's collection of over 8,000 objects lets adventurers of all ages discover the past for themselves.

  • Prairie Museum of Art & History

    Prairie Museum of Art & History

    The Museum has been dubbed "one of the finest museums in the Midwest" by KANSAS!

  • Biggest Barn in Kansas

    Biggest Barn in Kansas

    The Cooper Barn is one of the largest barns in Kansas and holds a wealth of Thomas County History. The cattle barn was built in 1936 and was part of the Foster Farms operation. The barn is 66

  • The Eller House

    The Eller House

    The Eller House, displaying typical furniture, clothing, and objects, tells of farm life in the 1930s. The house was built in 1906 in Colby, was moved to a farm south of town in 1917

  • Fort Wallace Museum

    Fort Wallace Museum

    On the grounds of the Fort Wallace Museum visitors will find the original Pond Creek Stage Station, built in 1865 as a "home station"