Kiamichi Country, Oklahoma Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Broken Bow Lake

    Broken Bow Lake

    Two hundred feet above Beaver's Bend is crystal-clear Broken Bow Lake, a favorite of scuba divers and bass fishermen. Broken Bow Lake is one of the most picturesque settings in Oklahoma. There is 180 miles of pine-studded shoreline, and 14,220 acres of lake. Surrounding the island-dotted lake are ... Continue
  • Hugo Lake

    Hugo Lake

    Hugo Lake dam is located on the Kiamichi River 18 river miles upstream from its confluence with the Red River. Skiers and speedboat enthusiasts can enjoy some 8,000 acres of open water in the lake. Boating lanes have been provided in the uncleared upper half of the lake for easy access by ... Continue
  • Lake Wister

    Lake Wister

    Lake Wister is located in the San Bois Mountains on the Poteau River -- the only river that flows north in Oklahoma. Wister Lake was authorized for flood control and conservation by the Flood Control Act of 1938. The project was designed and built by the Tulsa District Corps of Engineers. ... Continue
  • Pine Creek Lake

    Pine Creek Lake

    Pine Creek is a 5,000 acre lake which offers a relaxed atmosphere and excellent boating and fishing activities. Opportunities for sightseers and nature lovers are many at Pine Creek. The forest resources of the project are managed to improve the scenic quality of the park areas and adjoining land ... Continue
  • Sardis Lake

    Sardis Lake

    Sardis Lake covers 14,360 acres, with 117 miles of shoreline, and offers many opportunities for every diversification of outdoor recreation. There are three campgrounds located around the lake offering various facilities including general hookups, restrooms, showering facilities, swim beach and ... Continue