Texas Historic Sites

  • Caddoan Mounds State Historic Site

    A chief archaeological site in Texas. Park includes two ceremonial and one burial mound, visitor center with exhibits, interpretive trail. Two ceremonial mounds of 300 by 350

  • Hueco Tanks State Historical Site

    Precious water from infrequent rains "stored" in natural rock basins; for centuries a strategic travel stop in this arid region. Ancient Indian pictographs, plus names of '49

  • Magoffin Home State Historic Site

    Guided tours of homestead built in 1875 as replica of earlier home destroyed in 1868 flood. Was political and social center of Magoffinsville community (later named El Paso). Walls average 2 1/2

  • Indian Lodge Historic Site

    Indian Lodge Historic Site

    On the slopes of the Davis Mountains within the bounds of Davis Mountains State Park, this rustic inn was built in the 1930

  • Site of First Home in Cameron

    An historical marker marks the boyhood home of L. S. "Sul" Ross (1838-1898) Texas Governor from 1887 to 1891. L. S. Ross who was a Confederate general served as president of Texas A. &

  • Battle of Adobe Walls

    Site where two famous Indian battles were fought. Col. Kit Carson (in his last fight) and his U.S. troops in 1864

  • Buffalo Gap Historic Village

    Complex of 15 historic structures that tell the history of the last 50 years of the Texas frontier. Visitors tour three historic areas set in 1883, 1905 and 1925, all centered around the original 1879

  • Trails & Tales of Boomtown USA

    Guided tour through historic past recalls oil-boom days with visits to oil fields, outdoor oil museum, and replica of Mabel Gilbert's dugout (the area's first white settler)

  • T. C. Lindsey & Co.

    Part old-fashioned general store, part museum, this establishment offers a wide variety of merchandise as well as nostalgia. Store has been used in several Disney films. On F.M. 134, west 3

  • Starr Family State Historic Site

    Better known as Maplecroft, the name given when the house was built in 1870 by James F. Starr, son of Dr. James Harper Starr, early financier, Surgeon General of the Republic of Texas in 1837

  • Historical Sites

    Historical monuments and markers identify abundant sites including Sam Houston'

  • Birthplace of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson

    Constructed of bricks made by slaves, the birthplace of former First Lady (born Claudia Taylor)

  • Fannin Battleground State Historic Site

    A handsome monument marks site where Col. James W. Fannin Jr. and his men surrendered to Mexican army after Battle of Coleto Creek Mar. 20, 1836

  • Zaragoza Birthplace State Historic Site

    Both a state park and international historic site, reconstructed birthplace and statue of one of Mexico's most famous military figures, Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza (1829-1862)

  • Casa Navarro State Historic Site

    Former home of eminent statesman, rancher, Jose Antonio Navarro. Site consists of three restored structures:

  • River Walk

    One level below the downtown streets, the popular Paseo del Rio (River Walk)

  • Fort Lancaster State Historic Site

    Fort Lancaster State Historic Site

    The 82-acre park was originally donated to Crockett County in 1965