Electric Park Pavilion

category : Historic Buildings
Electric Park Pavilion The Electric Park Pavilion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has always been the centerpiece of civic and social life in the community. This magnificent structure was constructed in 1912-1913 as a tribute to the advent of electricity in the city of Blackwell and was funded by a bond issue of the Blackwell Parks Department. Its lights, numbering over 500 at its construction, could be seen for miles across the prairie.

The building was designed by architect, W.L. McAtee, after the styles exhibited at the great "White City" of the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893.

The Top of Oklahoma Historical Society, organized in 1972, is the parent organization of the Top of Oklahoma Museum which occupies the building at the present time with displays from antique lace to plow equipment.

In 1992, the citizens of Blackwell voted a $300,000 bond issue for the complete structural restoration of the Prairie Palace. The members of the Top of Oklahoma Historical Society spearheaded the drive for the restoration of the Pavilion and have been involved in funding and volunteerism which is completing the interior restoration.

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