South Carolina Churches

  • Liberty Hill A.M.E. Church

    At a meeting in the Liberty Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1950

  • Springfield Baptist Church

    The Springfield Baptist Church is one of the first, if not the oldest, remaining freely organized Black Baptist churches in the area. The Springfield Baptist Church was established as St. Andrew'

  • St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church

    Built in 1842, consecrated in 1843

  • Church Of The Cross

    Built 1857. For more information call the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce (843)785-3673 or (800)523-3373

  • St. James A.M.E. Church

    Built in 1899 to replace an earlier c. 1867 church, St. James is located in Abbeville'

  • Camp Welfare A.M.E. Church

    The church, like many in the South, was started after the Civil War as a brush arbor church. The annual religious and fellowship service or "camp meeting,"

  • Burrel Hemphill Monument Hopewell ARP Church

    Burrel Hemphill, a slave in the household of Robert Hemphill during the Civil War, was reportedly tortured to death by Union troops for refusing to disclose the location of the family'

  • Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church

    Begun in 1866 as a brush arbor church, built of poles, tree branches and bushes by freed slaves. The first wooden structure was built by the church's congregation in 1874

  • Carmel United Presbyterian Church

    Organized in 1868 by Rev. Samuel Loomis during the Chester Mission, Carmel was a worship center for the students and faculty of Brainerd Institute. It'

  • Second Presbyterian Church - Charleston

    This building is the oldest edifice of this faith in the historic section of Charleston. Built in 1809 by James and John Gordon and dedicated on April 3, 1811

  • St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

    The second Lutheran congregation organized in Charleston in 1840, primarily for German speaking settlers. The present Gothic building, with its 297-foot steeple, was erected in 1872

  • Mt. Zion AME Church

    The first brick church building owned by African Americans in Charleston was purchased in 1882 by members of Emanuel AME Church to alleviate its overcrowded conditions. The 54th & 55

  • Fairview Presbyterian Church

    Built in 1857, this church'

  • Christ Episcopal Church

    A Gothic-Revival structure with an unusual brick spire, this was the first church built in Greenville. The congregation was founded in 1820

  • Mizpah Methodist Church

    This church, which dates to 1856, survived burning by Union troops during the Civil War and is currently undergoing a restoration. It's located just off US 301

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church

    This is one of the few pre-Civil War churches organized by African-Americans for African-Americans. The original church was constructed in 1829 and donated in 1868

  • Springtown Baptist Church

    The church, originally founded in 1803, burned a decade ago and was completely rebuilt. The church cemetery, which contains over 300 graves, some dating to the 1700

  • Antioch Christian Church And Cemetery

    Circa 1883. Dr. W.R. Erwin founded this "Second Oldest Christian Church" built in South Carolina. The church was used as a courthouse in 1865

  • Lawtonville Baptist Church

    This church boasts pictures, brochures and interesting artifacts of Hampton County'

  • Old Sheldon Church Ruins

    Sheldon Church has lain in ruin for more than 120 years. Its gable roof, pediment, windows, and interior have disappeared, but the classic simplicity of its design still remains.

  • Ebenezer A.R. Presbyterian Church

    The congregation of Ebenezer hand-molded the bricks to make their church in 1788. During the Civil War, "The Old Brick Church"

  • Trinity Episcopal Church of Abbeville

    "The congregation was founded in 1842 as a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. The current Gothic Revival-style building was built in 1859

  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church Cemetery

    This white clapboard church, built in 1822, features a Jaridine Pipe organ that has filled the church with music since 1848. Interred in its cemetery are:

  • St. Johannes Lutheran Church

    Built in 1841, this church is known for its simplistic beauty and stained glass. It'

  • Grace Episcopal Church

    By the mid-19th century, the Anglican Church in South Carolina had evolved into a strong Episcopal Diocese. By 1846

  • Edisto Presbyterian Church

    This is the oldest congregation in continuous existence in South Carolina. The Presbyterian Church was designed by a Charleston architect in 1830 and replaced the original building erected in 1710

  • Trinity Episcopal Church Of Edisto

    Founded in 1774, the present church, consecrated in 1881, stands on the sight of the old sanctuary. The church was occupied by federal troops during the Civil War, destroyed by fire in 1876

  • French Huguenot Church

    The French Protestant Church of Charleston was founded in approximately 1681 by Huguenot refugees from the Protestant persecutions in France. About 450 Huguenots had settled in South Carolina'

  • First (Scots) Presbyterian Church

    Founded by Caledonian immigrants in 1731. The first congregation was made up of 12 Scottish families who left the Independent Church of Charles Towne in 1731. The present church, built in 1813

  • Emanuel Ame Church

    This brick Gothic Revival-style church with its tall steeple replaced an earlier 1872 church badly damaged by the 1886 earthquake. Built in 1891

  • Central Baptist Church

    Thought to be one of the first churches founded and built solely by African Americans in Charleston, Central was designed by black architect John P. Hutchinson and completed in 1893

  • Old Bethel United Methodist Church

    Old Bethel is the third oldest church building surviving in Charleston. Built 1797-1807

  • Bethel United Methodist Church

    Charleston's first Methodist congregation purchased this parcel of land in 1795 and erected the church here in 1797. Black and white congregations worshiped here until 1851

  • Trinity Episcopal Church

    Trinity Church (c. 1834) was the first Episcopal Church in Darlington County and is the oldest original church building of any denomination still standing in the county. Though closed in 1929

  • Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church

    Prince George, Winyah Parish, among the oldest parishes in South Carolina, was formed in 1721

  • Tabernacle Baptist Church

    Tabernacle Church was formed by African-American members of Beaufort Baptist Church after Federal Occupation of the town in 1861

  • Baptist Church Of Beaufort

    Organized in 1800, the building was erected in 1844

  • St. Michael's Episcopal Church

    In 1751 St. Michaelís Parish was created and the cornerstone laid for the new church the next year opening in 1761

  • Circular Congregation Church & Cemetery

    Built about 1806, this small Greek Revival temple with graceful twin stairways and notable wrought-iron railings is a good example of Robert Mills'

  • First Baptist Church

    First Baptist Church originated in Kittery, Maine, in 1682. Under the leadership of William Screven, the church moved to Charleston in 1696. An earlier meeting house (c. 1701)

  • St. John's Lutheran Church

    St. John's Lutheran Church, established in 1742, is the "mother church" of Lutheranism in South Carolina. Located in Charleston's Historic District, the present church edifice'

  • Unitarian Church

    The building, begun in 1722 and interrupted by the Revolution, was completed in 1787. In 1852

  • Old St. Andrew's Parish Church

    Established in 1706

  • Calvary Baptist Church

    Built 1859, original furniture and plates in use. Please call the church or the Chester County library (803-377-8145) for detailed directions and more information.

  • St. Philip's Episcopal Church

    Established in 1670, this "mother church" of the Province originally stood on the site where St. Michael's stands today. The present building (c. 1835-1838)

  • Bethel A.M.E. Church

    Established by Rev. A.T. Carr in 1865, Bethel AME was the first separate African-American congregation in Georgetown. The present sanctuary, built in 1882 and remodeled in 1908, is in Georgetown'

  • Church Street Inn

    Located near Dock Street Theatre, Lowcountry Legends Music Hall and other attractions; Convenient access to Charleston'

  • Church Of The Holy Apostles

    Built in 1856 of pine in the typical Gothic style of the English Parish Church, this Episcopal sanctuary was used as a stable for Union horses by Gen. Kilpatrick during Sherman's 1865

  • St. Helena's Episcopal Church & Cemetery

    The parish was founded in 1712 but the original church was not completed until 1724 construction being interrupted due to the Yemassee War. Following the Union occupation of Beaufort in the Fall of 18

  • Goose Creek Church

    Goose Creek Church, the parish church of St. James, is one of the oldest in the state. The very attractive present structure dates from before 1719