Kansas Amphitheaters

  • Sawhill Park

    Sawhill Park

    Features one of the last bandshells in Kansas with its unique acoustics.

  • Conway Springs Bandshell

    Conway Springs Bandshell

    Conway Springs has always taken great pride in its music which dates back to 1885. The bandshell in Central Park was built by subscription in 1910

  • Wolf Park Bandshell

    Wolf Park Bandshell

    Fred Wolf bought the lots for a park on Mainstreet and in 1930 a bandshell was built by Young Construction Company of Hutchinson for under $4000. There was seating for 35

  • Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

    This outdoor concert facility offers a great concert-going experience. No matter where you'

  • Seaton Family Pavilion

    Forest Park is home to the outdoor performance facility, Seaton Family Pavilion. Officially dedicated on July 10, 2008