Kansas Scenic Drives

  • Clapboard Ravine Drive

    Clapboard Ravine Drive

    This is a beautiful scenic seven mile drive through the Flint Hills. This drive starts just north of Alma on the gravel road heading east past the Clapboard Acres housing development. About 1 1/2

  • Historic Stone Fences

    Historic Stone Fences

    The federal government abolished the open range in a law passed in 1867. The government paid farmers $.40 per rod (16.5 feet) to build and maintain a 4.5

  • Skyline Scenic Drive

    A must see drive where one can view Mill Creek and the Flint Hills. This drive is considered one of the most beautiful in the State of Kansas with several scenes which will take your breath away!

  • Chase County Scenic Drive

    Chase County Scenic Drive

    Chase County contains vast areas of unspoiled prairie. In the spring, after the pastures have been burned, some of the hills look like they are all rock without enough soil to support life, and it'

  • Post Rock Scenic Byway

    Post Rock Scenic Byway

    The Post Rock Scenic Byway is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest drives in the State. It runs the 16-mile stretch along highway 232 from I-70 to K-18

  • Canyon Drive

    Canyon Drive

    Russell County offers the traveler some of the most breathtaking views and vistas to be found in Kansas. The following is a self-guided tour travelers can take to get "off the beaten path"

  • Gypsum Hills Scenic Drive

    Gypsum Hills Scenic Drive

    To take the Gypsum Hills Scenic Drive, travel west of Medicine Lodge on US 160 for 3 plus miles. There, a sign will indicate for you to head south (paved)

  • Scenic Skyline Drive

    Scenic Skyline Drive

    No tour to Fredonia is complete without going on this scenic drive up to the "Top of the Mound."