• Historic Downtown Buildings

    Historic Downtown Buildings

    By 1882 Stromsburg had two brickyards furnishing material for businesses, churches, and homes. Buildings of "

  • City Park

    City Park

    The City Square Park is in full view to travelers on the busy Highway 81 which passes on the west side

  • G.A.R. Hall

    G.A.R. Hall

    Built in 1886

  • Old American Exchange Bank Building

    Old American Exchange Bank Building

    The following is an abbreviated version of the bank history as first written by Richard Clements on November 18, 1983.

    The American Exchange Bank was incorporated July 13, 1889

  • Lovers Leap Vineyards

    Established in 1999

  • Ainsworth Army Air Field

    The Ainsworth Army Air Field, completed on November 30, 1942, was a satellite of Rapid City Army Air field and under the command of the second Air Force. The Field was on

  • "Doc" Middleton

    David C. "Doc" Middleton, an alias for James Riley, was referred to as the "King of the Horse Thieves" and alleged leader of the gang called "The Pony Boys"

  • Devil's Nest

    Devil's Nest

    Devil's Nest is a designated scenic area noted as a hideout for Jesse James and other famous outlaws. Rumors have it there is still $30,000 in hidden gold buried in the Devils Nest!

  • Dance Halls

    The Skylon Ballroom in Hartington has a storied history. Performers such as Guy Lombardo and Lawrence Welk played at

  • Dodge Town Hall

    Dodge Town Hall

    The historic Town Hall building was built in 1896

  • Dodge High School

    Dodge High School

    Education was a top priority during the growth of Dodge, starting in a brick schoolhouse built in 1887. An addition was needed in 1889. According to a 1891 report, District 46 had 143

  • History of Ash Hollow

    History of Ash Hollow

    Archaeological excavations in Ash Hollow indicate that early man used the area as much as 6,000

  • Monastery


    Valparaiso is the home of the inspiring chapel at the monastery of Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

  • Syracuse Churches

    Syracuse Churches

    Syracuse Churches welcome you!

    Church of Christ - 17th and Parker Drive

    Luther Memorial Church - 1162 Mohawk

  • St. Rose of Lima Church

    St. Rose of Lima Church

    St. Rose of Lima church is of Gothic architecture, its arches pointing heavenward like hands pressed together in prayer. Built in 1951

  • Midland Lutheran College

    Located immediately north of the Barnard Park district is the campus of Midland Lutheran College. Founded in the mid-1880s in Atchison, Kansas, the college moved to Fremont in 1919

  • Southeast Community College

    Many Beatrice students who wish to pursue higher education find Southeast Community College'

  • 3rd annual relay for life car and bike show

    show june 29th .ehmen park. 15th and hwy 47. food-vendors-kids games.dash plaques 1st 125