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Alley Log Cabin & Antique Tool Museum

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This square-notch, fully furnished 1836 log cabin is an excellent example of Texas Colonial Period. The cabin was built, just after the Runaway Scrape, by one of the original "Old 300" settlers brought to Texas by Stephen F. Austin. It is one of the oldest surviving structures built during the Texas Revolution just after General Sam Houston ordered the area's buildings to be burned to the ground.

The Runaway Scrape

Benjamin Beeson, one of Stephen F. Austin's original 300 colonists, settled here in 1822. His residence and business operations and a scattering of homesteads formed a settlement known as Beeson's Crossing.

In the early spring of 1836, the settlers found themselves in the perilous position in between Sam Houston's Army, camped on the east bank of the Colorado River opposite Beeson's crossing, and the Mexican Army led by General Juaquin Ramirez Y Sesma, fast approaching from the west.

Houston had chosen this site to camp because of its strategic location at the edge of the most populous part of Texas.

With his 1500 troops in position, Houston is said to have declared, "on the Colorado I make my stand." Notwithstanding this bold declaration, Houston unexpectedly removed his Army to the Brazos River on March 26th. Beeson's Crossing was subsequently burned to the ground by a detachment of Houston's Army scarcely hours before the arrival of Sesma's Army. The settlers fled during what is now known as The Runaway Scrape. The Texas Army went on to defeat Santa Anna and the Mexican Army at San Jacinto in a decisive battle for Texas Independence.

Admission: $2 per person
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Address: 1224 Bowie Street
Phone: 979-732-5135

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Alley Log Cabin & Antique Tool Museum

This square-notch, fully furnished 1836 log cabin is an excellent example of Texas Colonial Period. The cabin was built, just...

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