Historic HMMJ Radio Station

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Headlines in the Clay County Sun of December 3, 1925, proclaimed "Local Station KMMJ Is On The Air!" flattering success of "Worlds Most Beautiful Radio Plant." The following excerpts are from the Sun article:

"Announcer H.H. Johnson started the program with an introduction of KMMJ to the public which was a model of conciseness which might well be emulated by some of the older announcers in the radio field and following him there went forth from Clay Center, Nebraska, home of the Old Trusty Incubator and Brooder Company, owners of one of the two most perfect broadcasting stations between Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Oakland, California, we repeat, there went forth two hours of entertainment of such class as brought a huge shelf of acknowledgments from all over America."

Western Electric Company, who supervised the installation said when the job was completed there is not a better radio station then KMMJ and when the plans for landscaping the surrounding park are completed it will be the handsomest station in America.

The station flourished advertising and selling Old Trusty Products. Local talent filled the air time with such groups as "The Gospel Singers," Robert Taylor sung at the station, "The Harmony Boys," a group from Doane College started here. Mrs. Ada Hodges had a recipe show. After 1929, when the Incubator Factory quit production, KMMJ expanded and built a larger facility in 1930. Here local merchants could sell and advertise goods from blankets to auto tires and accessories. The Interstate Nurseries of Shenandoah, Iowa, advertised their products in KMMJ during the spring season.

Then in 1939, the station was sold and moved to Grand Island where it still operates.

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Historic HMMJ Radio Station

Headlines in the Clay County Sun of December 3, 1925, proclaimed "Local Station KMMJ Is On The Air!" flat...