Chanute, Kansas

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Indeed, It's True By Rono Bowyer

a tribute to growing up in Chanute, Kansas...consider joining us on our Facebook site, the "Chanute Hometown Scrapbook" where you'll find hundreds of photographs from the 50s through the...

Chanute, Kansas

Crazy Man! Delivering to a Sears store. You have to deliver from a little alley behind the store, but first you gotta get your truck into said alley. To do this, you have to go 3 blocks past...

Chanute, Kansas vs Goliath

Center of Google Earth - Chanute, KS (KOAM)

A 30-foot globe was painted at the intersection of Main and Lincoln in Chanute, Kansas, marking the center of Google Earth on Mac computers. Correction: Chanute did not actually change it's...

Marco Oil Refinery at Chanute Kansas

This is a very basic video recording (no editing) of the former MARCO (Mid-America Refining Company, later change to Mid-America Petroleum Co., Inc.) oil refinery that use to exist on the north...