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Doll House Museum

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Doll House Museum

Enjoy a nationally recognized collection of Dolls, Indians, Toys and History, stretching from antique to the present time and all appearing in storytelling antics.

The "Doll Museum comes with it's own unique Story Telling Experience."

Over 1,500 dolls, toys and accessories are on display in the Doll Museum. The antique dolls include china, bisque, wax, wood, composition, papier mache, and even sculpty clay. Indian artifacts, mostly from the Otoe-Missouria tribes of this area, are also abundant. Other artifacts include antique toys, miniatures, carriages, old rocking horses, pedal toys, a mobo horse, and doll houses.

Artists dolls include Ravca, Robert von Essen, Lawton, Kish, Patricia Rose, Yolanda Bello, Pat Bomar, Jan Hagara, Himstedt, Jan McLean and many others.

This beautiful museum is housed in a turn of the century brick building on the Main Street of Marysville, Kansas. It faces the 1918 brick streets that adjoins the Historic Koester Block and is truly an experience to remember.

The enchanting Doll Museum is ground level, handicap accessible, and open by appointment year round.

To arrange a tour, call Lois at 785-562-3029.

Hours: By Appointment Only
Address: 912 Broadway
Phone: 785-562-3029

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