Transue Brothers Blacksmith and Wagon Shop Museum

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Transue Brothers Blacksmith and Wagon Shop Museum The blacksmith business in Summerfield, Kansas is by far the oldest continuous business in the town, having started with the town in 1889, and is still in operation today. Not only can you see the art of blacksmithing carried on today, but along the walls you will find tools, implements, and products that hallmark the trade since the late 1800's. Plan your visit in August during the Blacksmith and Pioneer Days when you will see all of this pioneer craftsmanship come to life.

John Thomas Hutton had the Climax shop on north Main. C.W. Reynolds was operating the Excelsior blacksmith shop on south Main.

The Buffman brothers moved Mission Creek's only blacksmith shop to Summerfield and named it the Challenge. John Thomas Hutton's Climax blacksmith shop is the only business that has been at this location since the town started in 1889.

There have only been four propietors of this shop: John Thomas Hutton, Brothers George and James Transue, Dale L. Robeson, and David Zahm.

John Thomas Hutton Climax Blacksmith Shop (1889 - 1893)
Transue Bros. Blacksmithing and Wagon Shop (1893 - 1946)
Robeson Blacksmithing and Repair Shop (1946 - 2008)
Zahm's Blacksmithing and Wagon Shop (2007 - Present)

Address: 309 Main Street
Phone: 402-520-0644
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