Pony Express Country, Kansas Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Banner Creek Reservoir

    Banner Creek Reservoir

    FISHING REPORT VIA KANSAS WILDLIFE AND PARKS This 535-Acre reservoir serves as a flood control structure and water supply for the City of Holton and rural water ... Continue
  • Centralia City Lake

    Centralia City Lake

    Centralia Lake is a 400 acre lake that is noted for it's good fishing. Centralia is enrolled in the CFAP program. The state leases the fishing rights from over two hundred community lakes statewide. In conjunction with this program, more than 90% of the community lakes in the state provide free ... Continue
  • Pony Creek Lake

    Pony Creek Lake

    Pony Creek Lake is a community lake and has a surface area of 171 acres and a typical mean depth of 13.8 feet. During dry years depth might be less. It offers fishing, hiking, and hunting. Camping, is allowed in designated areas of the Park. Permit required. ... Continue