The Jones & Plummer Trail

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The first trail through the area was made by the Jones & Plummer Cattle Co., bringing their cattle from the Texas Panhandle on the Canadian River to Dodge City. As soon as Dodge City could handle freight, this company took teams of oxen and Conestoga wagons and broke a trail through where Beaver, Oklahoma is now, north to the Cimarron River, across Crooked Creek and keeping to the high land to the east, came up the east edge of Meade before turning north, west on Fowler and on to Dodge.

The trail can be seen north of 54 Highway to the west side of the CMS tower and also south of the Hoodoo Brown road ranch and can be seen from the air almost all the way to the Oklahoma line.

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The Jones & Plummer Trail

The first trail through the area was made by the Jones &

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