Flint Hills Country, Kansas Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Council Grove Lake

    Council Grove Lake

    Council Grove Lake is located in the famous Flint Hills region of Kansas. The lake is one mile northwest of the historic town of Council Grove and within walking distance of the Santa Fe Trail. Located on the Neosho River, the lake is in a very aesthetic setting with the rolling bluestem hills ... Continue
  • El Dorado Lake

    El Dorado Lake

    El Dorado Reservoir is located in an area of rolling terrain made up of croplands, prairies, woodlands, and marshes. The lake provides many attractive areas for water oriented activities such as camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing, boating, and hunting. Four recreational areas located near the ... Continue
  • Fall River Lake

    Fall River Lake

    Fall River Dam is located on Fall River, a tributary of the Verdigris River, in Greenwood County, Kansas. The vicinity in which Fall River is located has long been noted for its rolling prairies and tree-dotted valleys, sheltered by limestone-capped ridges. The lake is about a mile wide at the ... Continue
  • Herington City Lake(s)

    Herington City Lake(s)

    Herington has two city lakes just one mile apart, great for picnicking, boating, skiing, swimming. Along with trophy bass, the city lake is also the best small-lake walley fishing in the State of Kansas. There are full camping facilities with electric hook-ups, boat ramps, and swimming. The " ... Continue
  • Marion Lake

    Marion Lake

    According to power index, Marion Reservoir ranks No. 1 in the state of Kansas for walleye fishing, according to KSPWC. In addition, hunting, hiking, camping, wind surfing, boating, swimming, surf bathing, bird watching and picnicking are available at one large Corps of Engineers lake in the ... Continue
  • Milford Lake

    Milford Lake

    On the largest man-made lake in Kansas there's definitely an outdoor experience waiting for everyone! With over 15,000 surface acres, Milford Lake, known as "The Lake of Blue Water," provides abundant room for sailing, boating, water skiing, pontoon excursions and still has room for some serious ... Continue
  • Tuttle Creek Lake

    Tuttle Creek Lake

    Practically neighbors to Kansas's largest man-made lake lies Tuttle Creek Lake, the second largest lake in Kansas. Only 38 miles separates Milford Lake and Tuttle Creek, two powerhouse meccas for outdoor recreation. The size of Tuttle Creek Lake combined with the prevailing winds make the lake one ... Continue