Oklahoma Pioneer History

  • Blacksmith House

    Blacksmith House

    Built in 1871, this 5 room house with native timbers and 18"

  • Historic Springhouse

    Historic Springhouse

    The Stone Well House was built in the 1840's and is the oldest structure in the city and county. It was used as a water supply at the time for the Cherokee Indian Orphan Asylum.

  • 1920's Jail

    Relic from oil boom days.

  • Santa Fe Trail

    Santa Fe Trail

    The Santa Fe Trail is thought to be the oldest and longest commercial highway across the Great Plains, from Franklin on the Missouri River east of present Kansas City nearly 800

  • Roll One-Room School

    Roll One-Room School

    Step across the threshold of this restored one-room school and see the teacher and scholars in 1910

  • Strong City-Kendall Log Cabin

    Strong City-Kendall Log Cabin

    The homestead house from the Strong City-Kendall area is an original log cabin from the early 1900

  • Dalton Cabin

    Dalton Cabin

    In 1889, the parents of the Dalton gang - Adaline Younger Dalton and James Lewis Dalton - planned to move to Oklahoma. Mr. Dalton died on the way, leaving Adaline with three young children to raise:

  • Cole Cabin

    Cole Cabin

    A more ordinary settler family was that of Samuel and Dorothy Cole. They built this cabin southeast of Hennessey in 1890

  • Homestead House

    Homestead House

    In 1997, a one and a half story homestead house was moved to the Windmill Museum and Park. This home typifies the frame structure that an early family would have built once they had moved from their "

  • Casita Blanca

    On a 160 acre homestead claim of 1902, the "little white house" was built in the early 1920s by Joseph Feerer.

  • One-Room Jail Cell

    Sandstone structure from city's early days.

  • Belle Starr .... "Queen of the Bandits"

    Belle Starr ....

    Haskell County is rich in history. One of the most infamous female bandits in the Old West brought a lot of attention to this area. Her name is Belle Starr.