Kansas Historic Hotels

  • Wareham Hotel

    Wareham Hotel

    Harry P. Wareham moved with his family from Flush, Kansas in 1868

  • Cottage House Hotel

    Cottage House Hotel

    This rambling, two-story brick building began in 1867 as a 3

  • Bartell Hotel

    This hotel, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, was built in February 1880. The red brick hotel contained 66

  • Elgin House Apartments

    Elgin House Apartments

    The Elgin House apartments was originally a 42 room hotel with a dining room that seated 80 guests, and provided billiard and card rooms. It was built in 1886

  • The Old Onaga Hotel (B&B)

    Onaga's "new" hotel officially opened to the traveling public in 1900

  • The Midland Railroad Hotel

    The Midland Railroad Hotel

    The native limestone structure was originally built in 1889 as the "Power Hotel." In 1902

  • Windsor Hotel

    Windsor Hotel

    This four story hotel was sometimes referred to as the "Waldorf of the Prairies". In 1887, John A. Stevens built the hotel next to the Opera House (the Opera House no longer exists)

  • Old Edwards Hotel

    Old Edwards Hotel

    Located in the Museum Complex, the Old Edwards Hotel was cut into three sections for moving in 1909

  • Eldridge Hotel

    Eldridge Hotel

    Pro-slavery attacks burned the Eldridge Hotel to the ground twice during the years of "Bleeding Kansas." In the 1863 raid on Lawrence, Kansas, the first goal of Quantrill'

  • Beaumont Hotel

    Beaumont Hotel

    The Beaumont Hotel was created in 1879 as a stagecoach and railroad stop to shelter weary pioneers when the railroad brought cattle barons and frontier society to The Beaumont.

  • St. Francis Hotel

    St. Francis Hotel

    The St. Francis Hotel is a significant example of the businesses in Nicodemus during its era of great prosperity. Built in 1881

  • Tioga Hotel

    Tioga Hotel

    The Tioga was built in 1929 by J.W. Pratt and was leased by the Boss Hotel Chain for most of its life. Designed in the Art Deco style, it features gargoyles on each corner. It was one of the state'