Kansas Historic Schoolhouses

  • Range School Museum

    Range School Museum

    This authentic one-room schoolhouse was moved into Marquette from its location northwest of town. It was built in 1906

  • Spring Valley School

    Spring Valley School

    The Spring Valley Heritage Site, located west of Junction City at the intersection of Highway 18 and Spring Valley Road features a restored 19

  • The Kreutziger Schoolhouse

    The Kreutziger Schoolhouse

    The Kreutziger Schoolhouse reminds us of the early education on the Kansas prairie, 1886-1960

  • Hill School Building

    Hill School Building

    The Hill School building is the oldest building in the state of Kansas in continuous educational use. Built in 1873 of native stone, it is listed on the National Historic Register.

  • Little Red Schoolhouse

    Little Red Schoolhouse

    This unique and original schoolhouse, built in 1871, has been completely restored to 19

  • Lone Star School

    Lone Star School

    George Ficken Jr. donated land one and one-half miles west of Bison for a German Methodist Episcopal Church and school. Construction began in 1878

  • The Topsy School

    The Topsy School

    The Topsy School is a one-room school which was moved to its present site, east of the Kyne House Museum in August 1986

  • Ness City's First Schoolhouse

    Ness City's First Schoolhouse

    The pioneer Pembleton family purchased the Old Echo Print Shop, a small native stone building built in 1882

  • Nicol School

    Nicol School

    The one-room Nicol School building symbolizes the cultural and social importance of education to the pioneers. It represents the 94

  • Columbian School House

    Columbian School House

    The Columbian Schoolhouse, built in 1893, was named after the Columbian Exposition held in Chicago. Later shortened to Columbia, the school conducted its last class approximately 1945

  • 1896 School House

    1896 School House

    The Rural Dale School which was located east of LeRoy, Kansas in Coffey County, was recently donated to the Coffey County Museum by Irene Woods. The 1896

  • Little White School House

    Little White School House

    The first school, built in 1870, was a log cabin provided by Berryman Smith. The teacher, Mrs. O.M. \"Billie\" Smith, had 25

  • Lanesfield School Historic Site

    Lanesfield School Historic Site

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Bonner Springs High School

    Bonner Springs High School

    The Bonner Springs High School, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was built in 1918 and was in continuous use until 1982

  • Field School House

    Field School House

    The one-room Field School, closed at the end of the 1945-46 school year, is remarkably well preserved. It was moved from its original site 8 miles south of Council Grove to Maple Camp in 1999

  • NSD #1 Schoolhouse

    NSD #1 Schoolhouse

    Nicodemus was the first community in Graham County, Kansas, to establish a school district and school. The existing school building was constructed in 1918

  • Irvin Hall, Highland Community College

    Irvin Hall, Highland Community College

    Irvin Hall, Highland Community College is the oldest college building still in use in Kansas. When the town of Highland was established in 1857

  • The Honey Valley School

    The Honey Valley School

    As one of four buildings on the Tonganoxie Historical Society site, the Honey Valley schoolhouse – district #56 - was organized on March 25, 1869