Nebraska Famous People

  • Mari Sandoz 1896-1966

    Mari Sandoz 1896-1966

    The fears, the passions, and the distinctive speech of the Western Nebraska homesteader come alive in the writings of Mari Sandoz. She was born on her father'

  • John G. Neihardt - Poet Laureate - 1881-1973

    John G. Neihardt - Poet Laureate - 1881-1973

    Author, lecturer, and award-winning poet, John Gneisenau Neihardt, arrived in Nebraska in 1892 at the age of eleven. Settling in Bancroft from 1900 to 1920

  • Bancroft Notables

    -- Joseph "Iron Eye" LaFlesche, last chief of the Omahas. One of his daughters, Susan LaFlesche Picotte, was the first woman doctor in the area.

    -- Susette "Bright Eyes" LaFlesche (

  • Colonel Barney Oldfield

    Colonel Barney Oldfield

    Colonel Barney Oldfield was born in Tecumseh, Nebraska on December 18, 1909, and graduated from Elk Creek High School in 1928

  • Beatrice Notables

    The Gage County Historical Society Museum collections emphasize five major themes and number about 11,000 with over 4,000

  • Evelene Brodstone - Lady Vestey, 1875-1941

    Evelene Brodstone - Lady Vestey, 1875-1941

    From a samll farmhouse on the outskirts of pioneer Superior to a luxurious castle on a 30-acre estate within the London city limits.

    From $12

  • "Wild Bill" Hickok...the Beginning

    In the spring of 1859

  • Wahoo Notables

    Any town in America would be proud of Wahoo's honor roll of native sons: Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Samuel "Wahoo Sam" Crawford; Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. Howard Hanson;

  • Beaver City Firsts

    Beaver City Firsts

    Flying Doctor - Our town has recorded some unique "firsts" in the field of medicine and aviation. Beaver City was the home of Dr.Frank Brewster, Nebraska'

  • John J. Cozad - Biography

    John J. Cozad - Biography

    It was a beautiful summer Sunday in 1872

  • Chief Red Cloud

    Chief Red Cloud

    Red Cloud, the English name of Makhpiya Luta, the Oglala Sioux chief, and his followers were prominent participants in the Powder River War of 1865

  • Stockville's Notables

    A number of former residents achieved state and national prominence: * Heading the list is former Governor Frank Morrison and his wife, Maxine. Morrison began his law practice in Stockville.

  • Senator George Norris

    Senator George Norris

    It was in Beaver City in 1885