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Cayuga Mission Church

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Cayuga Mission Church The Cayuga Mission Church is the only church in Oklahoma, and perhaps in the U.S., which was built by a Native American with his own funds for the religious use of all people. In 1886, Mathias Splitlog began constructing a church of hewn limestone from the area for his wife, Eliza Splitlog. The inside was embellished with beautifully hand-carved imported wood. The arch forming the doorway was formed of 15 stones, each carved with an Indian symbol.

When Eliza Splitlog passed away in 1894, the church was still unfinished but her funeral was held in the partially completed church. Work on the church continued and it was dedicated in 1896. The bronze bell, cast in Belgium, first tolled in memory of Eliza Splitlog during the dedication. In 1897, Mathias Splitlog passed away and his mass was held in the church he dreamed of, financed and built.

Today, the old mission bell still rings. It calls the faithful to worship during the spring, summer, fall and winter, loud and clear. Its clarion peals over the streams and valleys of what was once the Seneca Nation.

Admission: Donations accepted
Hours: Sunday services at 8:30 am, Open by appointment for groups
Address: 5 miles East and 3 miles North on SH-10
Phone: 918-786-7607

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