Frontier Country, Oklahoma Historic Homes

  • Kee-Tilghman-Erwin House

    Kee-Tilghman-Erwin House

    National Register of Historic Places Built in 1898 by O.B. Kee, this mansard-roofed home was purchased in 1901 by famed Deputy U.S. Marshal, William Mathew "Bill"

  • Conklin-Marshall-Gregory House

    Conklin-Marshall-Gregory House

    Porch columns and three tiers of railings or balustrades made this house look like a wedding cake. Built in 1905

  • Johnson-Yinger-Young House

    Johnson-Yinger-Young House

    National Register of Historic Places This two-story white clapboard home was built in 1897 by H.F. Johnson as a simple territorial "four square" home. In 1905