Commanding Officer's Quarters

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Commanding Officer's Quarters The COQ was built as a residence for the Army officer commanding Fort Supply. He and his family lived in relative comfort in the ten rooms that included a servant's room and an attached bathroom. The yard was fenced and a boardwalk passed by the front and along "Officers' Row."

The COQ is a board-and-batten frame structure located on the north end of the "Row." Originally the "Row" was a series of picket-style cabins. The cabins were destroyed by fire in July 1877. This house was started in late 1878 but construction was halted due to a lack of funds. It was finished in 1879 and an addition of two bedrooms and a bath was completed by 1886. The building was pointed dark red with a light tan trim. The house rests on cedar pilings.

The superintendents of the mental hospital resided here for over forty years. There have been many additions and alterations to the house. It was last used as a duplex residence for hospital employees.

The COQ will be restored to its appearance of the late 1880s, including the picket fence and boardwalk.

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