Kansas Natural Attractions

  • LCL Buffalo Ranch

    LCL Buffalo Ranch

    Over 200 head of buffalo roam the pastures located in three counties on the ranch owned by Lester C. Lawrence. A portion of the herd may be seen along K-9

  • Eureka's Founding Spring

    Located behind the fire station in the creek (Walker's Run) is Eureka's founding spring, now enclosed. It was here, in 1857

  • Rock City

    Rock City

    The rocks at Rock City are huge sandstone concretions in an area about the size of two football fields, 200

  • Largest Post Rock Slab in Kansas

    This huge limestone post with the engraved words "Post Rock Country" is the largest post rock in Kansas. In it's entirety the slab is 24 feet long , 6 feet buried in the ground for support and 18

  • Old Maid's Pool

    The Old Maid's Pool, an ancient sinkhole long thought to be bottomless, is 125

  • Mt. Sunflower

    Mt. Sunflower

    Mt. Sunflower was designated as Kansas highest point in 1961. A United States Geological Survey officially plotted the elevation at 4039 feet. True mountains are called such because of a 2000

  • Monument Rocks

    Monument Rocks

    Just 26 miles south of Oakley stand the Smoky Pyramids or Monument Rocks, the first national natural landmark in Kansas. These chalk formations are sediment remains of ancient marine life up to 200

  • Minium Fossil Quarry

    Minium Fossil Quarry

    Part of a National Geographic dig in 1985 - 86

  • National Weather Service

    Weather predictions and forecast by the latest Doppler System. One of only five in Kansas and the Tops in the United Sates.

  • Caves

    There are over 235

  • Santa Fe "Companion" Trail

    Santa Fe

    The Cimarron National Grassland near Elkhart, Kansas, contains 23 miles of the Santa Fe Trail's Cimarron Route, the longest Trail segment on public land. A 19-mile "companion"

  • Middle Springs

    A short distance east of Point of Rocks is Middle Springs, a small oasis on the prairie where water rises from an ever-flowing artesian spring. It was the only reliable watering spot for 30

  • Pallasite Meteorite

    Pallasite Meteorite

    Half iron and half stone, the meteorite weighs in at 1000

  • Hugoton Gas Derrick

    Hugoton Gas Derrick

    The gas well that was dug into the Hugoton Gas Field in 1945

  • Indian Mound

    Indian Mound, a prominent point west of Lakin, Kansas, stands as it did many years ago when Joseph C. Brown, a government engineer and his surveying expedition made official note of it in 1825.

  • Clear Lake

    When the wagon trains turned south at Chouteau'

  • Bison Herd

    Bison Herd

    The Bison heard is on display year round. Stop and view the bison herd as you imagine earlier days when the plains were filled with these magnificent animals. Fun Fact: A bison has 14

  • Sink Hole

    This sink hole appeared in 1937 and measures 58 feet deep and 250' x 200'

  • St. Jacob's Well

    St. Jacob's Well

    St. Jacob'

  • Previous State Champion Cottonwood Tree

    Previous State Champion Cottonwood Tree

    Records are always challenged to be broken, but at one time this tree carried the distinction of the state of Kansas Champion Cottonwood Tree and is located on Highway 92