Kansas Famous People

  • John Steuart Curry

    John Steuart Curry was born in 1897

  • Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart

    Despite a few privileged years living with her grandparents in Atchison, Kansas, Amelia Earhart's childhood years were fairly transitional. Her father'

  • Bill Hougland - Gold Medalist

    Bill Hougland transferred to Beloit High School his junior year in 1947

  • George Washington Carver Memorial Plaque

    George Washington Carver made Minneapolis, Kansas his hometown from 1880-1884, when he graduated from Minneapolis High School. This famous scientist who lived here and invented over 300

  • Olympic Medalists Glen Cunningham and Thane Baker

    Olympic Medalists Glen Cunningham and Thane Baker

    Glenn ran on the 1932 and 1936 U.S. Olympic teams winning a silver medal in 1936 in the 1500 meters. In 1938 he set an indoor mile world record with a time of 4.04.4

  • The Dalton Gang

    The Dalton Gang

    The Dalton Gang, which had been terrorizing the Indian Territory with its daring train robberies, set out in early October of 1892

  • Olive Ann Beach

    Olive Ann Beach, co-founder of the Beech Aircraft Corporation, was born and raised on a farm south of Waverly.

  • Vivian Vance Birthplace

    Vivian Vance Birthplace

    I Love Lucy fans know Vivian Vance as Lucy's neighbor and cohort "Ethel Mertz." Born Vivian Roberta Jones in Cherryvale, Kansas, on July 26 in 1909

  • Louise Brooks Birthplace

    Louise Brooks Birthplace

    Born Mary Louise Brooks on November 14, 1906

  • Frank Bellamy Home and Burial

    Frank Bellamy Home and Burial

    As a student in Cherryvale Central High School, Frank Bellamy authored the Pledge of Allegiance and brought it into national focus as a winner in a 1892

  • Elizabeth


    When Elizabeth "Grandma"

  • Chely Wright

    Chely Wright

    Ask people in Wellsville, Kansas, what they think of country music and even thought their opinions may vary, they'