Kansas Monuments

  • Old Bell Monument

    Old Bell Monument

    Perched high on a hill overlooking the town and Neosho River valley below, this bell was erected in 1866 to warn townsfolk of Indian raids. It also served as a school and church bell for nearly 30

  • Buffalo Soldier Monument

    Buffalo Soldier Monument

    The Buffalo Soldier Monument, the brainchild of General Colin Powell, is a recent addition to Fort Leavenworth's historic landmarks. Dedicated in 1992

  • Wounded Knee Monument

    Wounded Knee Monument

    This monument is dedicated to the men of the 7th cavalry who were killed during the Pine Ridge Campaign of 1890

  • Lincoln Bedell Monument

    Lincoln Bedell Monument

    Grace Bedell wrote to Abraham Lincoln suggesting that he should have whiskers. On Lincoln'

  • Coronado Cross

    Coronado Cross

    The Coronado Cross stands 38' tall, marking the spot where Francisco Vasques de Coronado, a Spanish explorer, is said to have crossed the Arkansas River in search of the fabled "Cities of Gold" in 154

  • "El Capitan"

    A bronze statue by Jasper D'Ambrosi commemorates the 1875 - 1885

  • William Allen White Monument

    William Allen White Monument

    The commemorative marble monument honors the Pulitzer Prize winning editor who was reared in El Dorado.

    William Allen White

  • GAR Monument

    The "Soldiers" Monument was erected in Neodesha Cemetery in 1908 under the auspices of Humphrey post 145

  • Civil War Cannon

    Civil War Cannon

    Wark Memorial Park is also the location of the "Walkingstick," an old cannon of Civil War vintage which is one of fewer than 75 of its kind in the nation.

  • World War I Cannon

    World War I Cannon

    The cannon located north of the Veterans Memorial is one of the first things to attract attention in Logan Memorial Park. The first cannon was made by Henry A. (Daddy) Diltz in the early 1900

  • Soldier's Monument

    Soldier's Monument

    The Soldiers Monument was dedicated August 30, 1877, and was erected to honor the five men killed in the battle of Osawatomie, August 30, 1856.

  • John Brown Statue

    John Brown Statue

    Near the heart of the city, this statue pays tribute to John Brown, one of the nation's early-day opponents of slavery.

  • Wilson County Veterans Memorial

    Wilson County Veterans Memorial

    Located on the northwest corner of the Wilson County Courthouse lawn, this privately-funded memorial honors veterans from Wilson County. Additional veteran'

  • Piggy Bank Monument

    Piggy Bank Monument

    Pete the Pig Monument stands on main street in White Cloud, Kansas. In 1910

  • Civil War Monument

    Civil War Monument

    A monument at Bellmont Cemetery, considered a Pioneer Cemetery, was dedicated in 1915