Kansas Pioneer History

  • Hermit's Cave

    Hermit's Cave

    This tiny cave was the temporary home of an Italian hermit, Giovanni Maria Augustini, who lived here for a brief period in the spring of 1863

  • Last Chance Store

    Last Chance Store

    Like its name warns, this store was once the "last chance" for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail to buy supplies for their journey to New Mexico. Built in 1857

  • Hillmon School

    Hillmon School

    The Hillmon Schoolhouse was the sixth school district to be organized in Norton County. The school houses were numbered as they were built and the Hillmon School was District 6

  • Cottonwood Ranch

    Cottonwood Ranch

    State Historic Site In 1982

  • Cottonwood Ranch

    Cottonwood Ranch was purchased by the Kansas Historical Society in 1982. The Ranch established in the late 1800'

  • Nicodemus

    Nicodemus is the only remaining all African-American pioneer town west of the Mississippi. It was established in 1877 by ex-slaves from Kentucky and Tennesse. In 1976

  • Sod House

    Sod House

    The sod house shows the ingenuity of the homesteaders. The late 19th century dwelling exhibits furniture, clothing and other artifacts of pioneer life on the prairie.

  • Charlie's Ruts

    Charlie's Ruts

    About four miles east of Lakin on highway 50

  • Chouteau's Island

    Chouteau's Island

    Chouteau's Island was the largest island of timber on the Arkansas River in this area. In the spring of 1816

  • Aubey Route

    The Aubrey Route, which left the Santa Fe Trail on the Arkansas River at Chouteau'

  • Sibley's Camp

    Sibley's Camp

    As one of the last acts of his presidency, James Monroe signed a bill on March 3, 1825 which provided $10,000 for surveying the road and $20,000 to treat with Indians for right-of-way. On March 16

  • Leoti-Coronado County Seat Fight

    The following are two accounts detailing the Leoti-Coronado county seat fight.

    Account taken from the Coronado Herald, June 16

  • The Lone Tree Massacre

    The Lone Tree Massacre

    Preparing Southwest Kansas for settlement often ended in tragedy for both Indian and white man. On August 24, 1874

  • The Jones & Plummer Trail

    The first trail through the area was made by the Jones &

  • Old Steele Pioneer Home

    Old Steele Pioneer Home

    As a visitor to Lake Scott State Park you'

  • Historical Sites

    Wild Horse Corral

  • Wagon Bed Springs

    Wagon Bed Springs

    Wagon Bed Springs, sometimes called Lower Cimarron Springs, on the Cimarron River in Southwest Kansas afforded the first water during the dry season on the 60

  • The Mormon Batallion

    On September 19, 1846 a 500 man Morman Battalion arrived at the Springs on their way to California to fight in the Mexican War. Thirsty and weary from a forced march 50

  • The Chisholm Trail

    The Chisholm Trail

    The city of Wellington, Kansas, lies just 7 miles east of the cattle trail of the 1870's that led to the largest cattle market of its time in the entire world. While those days are over 120

  • Smith-Hollingsworth Log Home

    Smith-Hollingsworth Log Home

    The log cabin home was built on this site in 1867

  • Little Town Well

    Little Town Well

    The "Little Town"

  • The Old County Jail

    The Old County Jail

    Built of limestone, this two story structure opened in 1869

  • Little House on the Prairie

    Little House on the Prairie

    Located 13 miles southwest of Independence, just off of Highway 75

  • Log Cabin

    Log Cabin

    The log cabin was built east of the Lowell Cemetery in the 1870s. R.A. Hibbard built it as a home for his brother-in-law'

  • Lebo Jail

    Lebo Jail

    If morality was disregarded by some elements of society, those who chose to flout the law often wound up in places like this, the old jail at Lebo.

  • Arvonia School House

    Arvonia School House

    Although it is over the county line in Osage County, the Arvonia Schoolhouse was the focus for Lebo'

  • Old Jail

    Old Jail

    The first city jail was built in 1888 of native sandstone at a cost of $27.00. The town "Marshall" was W.V. Toner.

  • Benedict Meyer Log Cabin

    The 1854 Log Cabin is listed on the Kansas Register of Historic Place