Nebraska Railroad History

  • Burlington-Northern Depot

    Burlington-Northern Depot

    The Minden depot is a brick/stucco structure completed in 1913

  • The Burlington Depot

    The Burlington Depot

    Adams County, and Hastings in particular, are "children of the railroads," having been founded and sustained by rail companies between the 1870s and 1960

  • Historic Markers

    Historic Markers

    Lodgepole and the Union Pacific Railroad

  • Depots


    Visit the historic depots in the downtown district of Fremont in the vicinity of 1st and "D" Streets. There is the two-story brick Chicago & Northwestern Freight House built in 1903 after C&

  • Union Pacific Depot

    Union Pacific Depot

    On October 15, 1866, the Union Pacific Railroad track laying crews reached the "100th Meridian"

  • Burlington Depot

    Burlington Depot

    Built in 1897, the main section of Red Cloud's Burlington Depot contained sleeping quarters on the 2

  • Historic Depot

    Historic Depot

    In the years from 1863 to 1868

  • C B & Q Depot

    C B & Q Depot

    The Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy (C B & Q) Railroad depot was built in 1910. Also known as Ironhorse Station, the depot, listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Caboose

    This railway car holds some of the railroad items from the collection of Mr. &

  • Golden Spike Tower & Visitor Center

    Golden Spike Tower & Visitor Center

    The tower will eventually rise to height of 95 feet above the ground. The main level will be 1,925 square feet and there with be a grand 360