Oklahoma Monuments

  • Cimarron Cowboy Monument

    Cimarron Cowboy Monument

    This huge slab of Oklahoma granite known as the Cowboy'

  • Boy Scout Monument

    Boy Scout Monument

    The first boy scout troop in America was organized in Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma, in May, 1909

  • Pawnee Monument

    Pawnee Monument

    A monument located at the Pawnee Indian Agency honors the Pawnee Nation's original tribal leaders, and a marker tells tales of the tribe's early hardships.

  • Historic Rough Rider Monument

    Dedicated to Roosevelt's Rough Riders buried at a nearby cemetery, this is the only monument dedicated to the Rough Riders in Oklahoma.

  • Civil War Monument

    Second Battle of Cabin Creek.

  • Starr Springs Monument

    Starr Springs Monument

    The Starr Springs area was first settled by the Benjamin Cooper family in 1834. It was the site of the Andrew Adair and George Washington Adair massacre in 1853

  • Fairfield Mission Monument

    Fairfield Mission Monument

    "Established among the western Cherokees by Dr. Marcus Palmer in 1829

  • Cherokee Square Monuments

    Several monuments of interest have been erected on Cherokee Square surrounding the Capitol Building.

    Monument to General Stand Watie

    Monument to General Stand Watie

    - In Honor of -

    General Stand Watie

  • Monument to John Ross

    Monument to John Ross

    John Ross 1790-1866

    Principal Chief of the Cherokee, 1828 - 1866

    Born October 3, 1790

  • The Cherokee Advocate

    The Cherokee Advocate

    The Cherokee Advocate
    Vol 1, Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, Thursday, September 9, 1844

    As a tribute to Oklahoma'

  • Statue of Liberty Replica

    Statue of Liberty Replica

    With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States.

    The Boy Scouts of America

  • Mormon Battalion Memorial Plaque

    A plaque was erected in 1983 at the north side of the courthouse in Boise City, observing the crossing of this area by the 500 man Mormon Battalion from September 23 through 27, 1846

  • Veterans' Monument

    Veterans' Monument

    The Veterans' Monument is the largest monument west of the Mississippi with veteran'

  • Jesse Chisholm Grave and Monument

    Jesse Chisholm Grave and Monument

    A granite monument stands on the bluff above Jesse Chisholm's grave. It says: Born in Tennessee in 1805 of Scottish and Cherokee descent, Jesse Chisholm came to Indian Territory in the 1820

  • Chief Left Hand Monument

    Born in the 1840s somewhere west of present Fort Supply, Left Hand ("Niwat," also "Nawathit") became principal chief of the southern Arapahoes on the death of Little Raven in 1889

  • Wagon Train Monument

    Wagon Train Monument

    1776 - 1996, Bi-Centennial Wagon Train Pilgrimage - Oklahoma Official Representatives This wagon train traveled 1,200

  • Grant County Homesteader's Monument

    Grant County Homesteader's Monument

    Dedicated to the Pioneers and Homesteaders of the Land Run into the Cherokee Outlet, part of which is Grant County on September 16, 1893. From the pioneers'

  • Jim Thorpe Birthsite Monument

    Jim Thorpe Birthsite Monument


  • David Lewis Payne Memorial Monument

    David Lewis Payne Memorial Monument

    A historical monument dedicated to David Lewis Payne, who was known for his efforts to open the unassigned lands to settlement during the 1880s, was dedicated on April 20, 1996

  • Antlers Tornado

    Antlers Tornado

    On April 12 , 1945, at 5:20 pm, a tornado first touched down southwest of town near the Hall communtiy. At 5:45