Nebraska Monuments

  • Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

    Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

    Located on the Niobrara River in northwestern Nebraska, the Agate Fossil Beds and its surrounding prairie are preserved in a 3,000 acre National Monument. Once part of "Captain" James H. Cook'

  • Historical Monuments

    Fort Laramie to Fort Robinson Trail - After the 1868

  • Mormon Monument

    Mormon Monument

    In 1846 Newell Knight, his family, and a company of Mormons left Nauvoo, Illinois to search out a home in the Rocky Mountains. Due to hardships, the group could not

  • Titan Missile

    Titan Missile

    In 1962

  • Sergeant Floyd Monument

    Sergeant Floyd Monument

    On July21, 1804, when the Corps of Discovery was near the Council Bluff, Sergeant Charles Floyd wrote, "I am verry Sick and Has been for Sometime but have Recoverd my helth again..."

  • War Eagle Monument

    War Eagle Monument

    Wambdi Okicize, known as "War Eagle" is said to have been Mdewakanton or Isanti Dakota Indian. A friend to the white people, he died in 1851

  • Quincentenary Belltower

    This unique monument to Columbus' first voyage to the new world is made from 10 large bells that are historically significant to the area.

  • Logan Fontenelle Monument

    Logan Fontenelle Monument

    Logan Fontenelle, an interpreter and Omaha chief, was born at Bellevue in May 1825

  • Old Soldier's Monument & Cemetery (Lushton)

    Old Soldier's Monument & Cemetery (Lushton)

    He has stood watch since 1861, on top of the quiet hill overlooking the cornfields and pasture land. Under his committed stance, his motto is inscribed, "In memory of the comrades."

  • George Winslow Monument

    George Winslow Monument

    This monument is situated on a grassy knoll of a field. On April 26, 1849, 25

  • Jefferson County Historical Markers

    Jansen: The Jansen marker is located on the Southwest edge of Jansen on U.S. Highway 136 and outlines Jansen'

  • Lewis & Clark Monument

    The Lewis and Clark Monument was dedicated on December 19, 1939, with the inscription reading "Lewis and Clark - 1804."

  • World's First Flying Doctor

    World's First Flying Doctor

    Dr. Frank A. Brewster practiced medicine in Beaver City from 1901 to 1923

  • Historical Markers

    Historical Markers

    Three major pioneer trails, the Oregon, the Mormon, and the Chisholm, as well as the Pony Express went through the Cozad area.

    Massacre Canyon Battle Monument

    Massacre Canyon Battle Monument

    The Massacre Canyon Battle on August 5th, 1873, was the last battle between the Pawnee Nation and the Sioux Nation. A 35 feet tall - 91 ton pink granite monument boldly stands 3

  • Sky Chief Monument

    A monument dedicated in 1924

  • War Memorial

    The American Legion was instrumental in erecting a beautiful memorial for veterans serving in World War II, Korean, Vietnam and Lebanon/Granada/Panama/