Kansas Famous Homes

  • Plumb Place

    Carrie Plumb was the widow of Emporia Founder and United States Senator Preston B. Plumb. She built the house in 1895 around an earlier house which had been the Plumb home since 1880

  • W.W. Finney House

    Built in 1907, is a Shingle style with limestone accents. Finney and his son, Ronald, were successful financiers and close associates of important political figures. In the 30

  • William Allen White's Home - Red Rocks State Historic Site

    William Allen White's Home - Red Rocks State Historic Site

    This house, a National Historic Register Landmark, was rented by William Allen White in 1899 and purchased by him in 1901. It was his home for 45

  • Howe House

    Howe House

    Completed in 1867 as the home of local stonemason Richard Howe, this two-story limestone structure reflects Federal and Greek Revivals styles in addition to the building traditions of Howe'

  • Walter P. Chrysler birthplace

    Wamego is the birthplace of Walter P. Chrysler, the founder of the Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler artifacts can be found in the Wamego Historical Museum.

  • Samuel N. Wood Home

    The Sam Wood House (also known as the Nelson Ranch), the original part was built in the 1860's and is now known as "Buck Creek Ranch."

  • Bailey House Complex

    Bailey House Complex

    One hundred and thirty years ago in 1870, Wells P. Bailey built this two-story log house of native walnut trees. The logs were hand hewn with some as much as 20 inches in diameter.

  • John Steuart Curry Boyhood Home Museum and Memoria

    John Steuart Curry Boyhood Home Museum and Memoria

    The Curry home was built in 1900. John Steuart Curry was then three years old. He lived in the home until he was eighteen. In 1987

  • Tauy Jones Mansion

    Tauy Jones Mansion

    Located northeast of Ottawa 2 miles north on U.S. Highway 59 and then east. The home was built in 1862 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    John Tecumseh "

  • Cedar Crest

    Cedar Crest

    The French-Norman style house which was built by Frank P. MacLennan in 1928, is home to the governor of Kansas. It is the focal point of a 200-acre estate overlooking the Kansas river. Listed on the <

  • Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum

    Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum

    Aviatrix Amelia Earhart was born in this home, built by her grandfather, Judge Alfred G. Otis, in the early 1860

  • Nelson Rodgers House

    Nelson Rodgers House

    Constructed in 1856

  • Sutler's Home

    Sutler's Home

    Built in 1841 as the residence of the post sutler, Hiram Rich, who supplied the troops with such "nonissued items" as tobacco, writing paper, and whiskey.

  • The Rookery

    The Rookery

    The Rookery at 12-14 Sumner Place is the oldest house in Kansas. It was completed in 1834 and was the first permanent post headquarters building. Lieutenant Douglas MacArthur lived here in the early 1

  • The Lebold Mansion

    The Lebold Mansion

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this twenty-three room Victorian mansion was built in 1880

  • Seelye Mansion and Museum

    Seelye Mansion and Museum

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the twenty-five room Georgian mansion was built in 1905

  • Stone House in City Park

    Stone House in City Park

    This house was built in the 1880

  • Schroeder/Ringel Residence

    Schroeder/Ringel Residence

    This native stone home was built by Gus Schroeder in 1888. The Schroeder home and the date built are inscribed on the stone scroll above the front door. The exterior from the 100

  • Eck/Stratton Residence

    Eck/Stratton Residence

    The gingerbread trim home was built by Mr. Eck, who was a lumberman in Alma. It was built in 1904 and features a turret room, a tower resembling a castle, and original lap siding.

  • D.R. and E.W. Bruman/Schroeder Residence

    D.R. and E.W. Bruman/Schroeder Residence

    Over the door, chiseled in ornate German script the date, 1882

  • Kindergarten School/Schrader Residence

    This house was located in the middle of several lots, but at the same general location years ago, perhaps in the early 1880

  • Sage/Laverty Residence

    This house, built in the early 1880s was originally a four room house, owned by Frank I. Sage. Mr. Sage added four more rooms, all stone in 1901

  • Turner Residence

    This home was built in the 1880s also. Up until recent years it housed Alma'

  • Gronquist Residence

    This home was originally a coach stop and inn in the 1870s and much later, bought and added onto by A.S. Allendorph, a well known rancher around Alma.

  • Curtis House

    View this beautifully historic residence that was home to Charles Curtis. Charles Curtis served as vice president under Herbert Hoover from 1929-1933

  • The Eva Dalton Whipple Home

    The Eva Dalton Whipple Home

    Eva Dalton Whipple was the only sister to the infamous Dalton brothers. She married John Whipple, October 25, 1887

  • Warkentin House

    Warkentin House

    The historic Warkentin House is the former home of Bernhard and Wilhelmina Warkentin, built in 1887

  • Carry Nation Home

    Carry Nation Home

    Carry A. Nation was a woman who changed the course of Kansas history. In 1880

  • Funston Home

    Funston Home

    The historic boyhood home of Major General Frederick Funston. Artifacts and furniture on display at the Funston Home include items that were originally at the homestead during Frederick Funston'

  • Harris House

    Harris House

    Built in 1888 by Peter Brandt, the Victorian style house was donated to the Anderson County Historical Society by the Dr. C. B. Harris family. Refurbished in 1986

  • Florence Miller House

    Built in 1899