Nebraska Landmarks

  • Lied Conference Center / Arbor Day Farm

    Lied Conference Center / Arbor Day Farm

    The Lied Conference Center /

  • Pan American Highway

    Two counties in southeast Nebraska are bisected by one of the nation's oldest highways - US 81, also known as the Pan American Highway. Thayer and Fillmore counties serve as part of the 17,000

  • Fort O.K. Cannon

    Fort O.K. Cannon

    The cannon located on the South lawn of the Courthouse is dated 1853 and with the forged stamp of AMES CO. FOUNDERS, CHICOPEE, MASS.

    "This cannon was left at Fort O.K. August 22, 1865

  • Historical Markers in Hall County

    California and Overland Trail Markers - Six identical granite markers were erected on July 4, 1923. The historical markers mark the

  • Oregon Trail Marker

    The countless wagons that passed through what is now Deuel County during the westward expansion of the 1800

  • Tri-State Corner Marker

    Tri-State Corner Marker

    The original marker designating the southwestern corner of nebraska and the southeastern corner of Wyoming where they meet the Colorado line was erected on august 17, 1869

  • Scotts Bluff National Monument

    Scotts Bluff National Monument

    Named for fur trapper Hiram Scott, this imposing natural formation was originally called ma-a-pa-te ("hill that is hard to go around") by Indians in the region. Scotts Bluff, rising 800

  • Happy Jack Chalk Mine

    Happy Jack Chalk Mine

    Explore one of Nebraska'

  • Gazebo


    The gazebo on the southeast corner of the Courthouse Square was built as a prop for the TV mini-series, "AMERIKA,"

  • "Old Trusty" Incubator Factory

    Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Johnson came to Clay Center from Sheridan, Missouri in 1894

  • Historic HMMJ Radio Station

    Headlines in the Clay County Sun of December 3, 1925, proclaimed "Local Station KMMJ Is On The Air!" flattering success of "Worlds Most Beautiful Radio Plant."

  • Boot Hill Sculpture

    Boot Hill Sculpture

    The sculpture at the top of Boot Hill was done by the late Dr. B. L. Gainsforth, long time Ogallala dentist and orthodontist. The sculpture was done in the likeness of Samual (Lep)

  • California Hill

    California Hill

    California Hill was climbed by thousands of emigrants heading west during the covered wagon migrations of 1841-1860

  • Diamond Springs Station Site

    Diamond Springs Station Site

    In 1859, the firm of Russell, Majors, and Waddell constructed this Pony Express station on a low terrace overlooking the South Platte Rover. After the Pony Express ceased operation in 1861

  • Beauvais Ranche Station Site

    Following a career with Pierre Chouteau, Jr. and Company, Geminian Pierre Beauvais established his own trading post in 1849

  • Pike-Pawnee Village and Historical Marker

    Occupied from 1770 to about 1810 or later, the Pike-Pawnee National Historic Landmark

  • Coufal Ridge Site

    National Historic Landmark - Sometime between A.D. 1250 and A.D. 1450

  • Palmer Site

    National Historic Landmark - The Palmer Site is the location of a Skidi Pawnee village occupied from 1804 to 1844