Nebraska Memorials

  • Wild West Memorial

    Wild West Memorial

    At the entrance of Cody Park, visitors will find the Wild West Memorial. This is near the site of the historic Old Glory Blowout, the first spectator rodeo held in 1882

  • Soldiers Memorial

     Soldiers Memorial

    Located on the South lawn of the Courthouse the memorial reads, "IN MEMORY OF THE DEFENDERS OF OUR COUNTRY, 1861-1865 and the Spanish American War, 1898-1900"

  • Sage Brothers Memorial

    Sage Brothers Memorial

    The Sage Brothers Memorial plaque was originally placed at the entrance to Sage Brothers Memorial Field. In 1999 it was moved to

  • Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge

    Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge

    The "Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge" over the Missouri River is approximately 3000 feet long and 80

  • B-24 Bomber Crash Memorial

    B-24 Bomber Crash Memorial

    During World War II, Nebraska was home to eleven air bases, which filled the skies with planes engaged in training air crews. On June 7, 1944, a B-24J Bomber - part of a flight of 15

  • War Memorials

    War Memorials

    Union Memorial - "Sacred to the memory of the boys who wore the blue from 1861 - 1865.

    Loss of Lives: North, 359,529 -- South, 349,556"


  • Rebecca Winter's Grave

    Rebecca Winters was born in New York State in 1802 and was a pioneer in the Church of the Latter Day Saints. In June of 1852

  • Memorial Cannon

    Memorial Cannon

    This replica of a World War I cannon stands on the west courthouse lawn in memory of the USS Maine destroyed in the Havana Harbor, February 15, 1898.

  • Soldier's Memorial Statue

    Soldier's Memorial Statue

    This soldier's memorial statue was erected "In memory of all soldiers and sailors of Johnson County" by the Heckathorn Post No. 47, Nebraska GAR in 1903

  • Veteran's Memorial

    Veteran's Memorial

    An active American Legion Post provides a "Memory Lane of Flags" that flies at the courthouse and cemetery each Memorial

  • Memorial Torpedo

    Memorial Torpedo

    Displayed on the front lawn of the Saunders County Courthouse is the only submarine memorial in the United States, a World War II torpedo dedicated to the serviceman of the war.

  • Civil War Memorial

    Civil War Memorial

    Standing on the grounds just south of the Fillmore County Museum in Fairmont is a Civil War Memorial "In Memory of the Unknown Dead," 1861 -1865

  • Civil War Veteran's Memorial, Gazebo Park

    Civil  War Veteran's Memorial, Gazebo Park

    The Civil War(1861-1865) Statue and Marker honor those unknown dead that fought for their beliefs and for the freedoms that this nation is based upon.

  • Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial

    Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial

    The Art Gallery and Bookstore, located two doors south of the Cather Historical Center on main street, carries the country's most complete selection of Willa Cather'

  • Veterans' War Memorial

    Veterans' War Memorial

    Located on the west shore of Lake Helen, this memorial is a reminder of sacrifices made by veterans and their families of all wars. The names listed commemorate local residents who gave their lives.

  • 20th Century Veteran's Memorial

    20th Century Veteran's Memorial

    The 20th Century Veterans' Memorial is a permanent memorial dedicated to and honoring the military men and women of the United States who served their country during the 20