Kansas Arts

  • Outdoor Mural

    Outdoor Mural

    This mural painted by local artist, Kenny Winkenwader, depicts the historic Alcove Spring park located five miles north of Blue Rapids. Alcove Spring is one of the best-known stopping points in the 18

  • Outdoor Mural Tour

    Outdoor Mural Tour

    "Wrap Around Winfield" is the cover mural of a self-guided tourguide of 15

  • Prairie Passage Stone Sculpture Garden

    Prairie Passage Stone Sculpture Garden

    The stone sculptures known collectively as "Prairie Passage" were designed by Emporian Richard Stauffer and produced by the 1992 Kansas Sculptors Association Team Carve. Stauffer'

  • Stan Herd Murals

    Stan Herd Murals

    Stan Herd, a famous international artist, painted two murals on the north wall of the Kingman County Museum. Clyde Cessna is depicted flying his first airplane over Kingman County. In 1911

  • Oregon Trail Nature Park

    Oregon Trail Nature Park

    A monumental silo mural painting has been created by local artist Cindy Martin. The park offers hiking trails, picnic tables, a shelter house and panoramic views of the Kansas River Valley.

  • Rodeo Mural

  • Area History Mural

    Area History Mural

    The mural depicting area history was painted by local artist, Tom Russell. It is displayed in the Baldwin State Bank.

  • Ottawa Community Arts Center

    Ottawa Community Arts Center

    Ottawa Community Arts Council (OCAC), of Ottawa, Kansas , is a non-profit arts organization that has been in existence since 1977.

  • Muchnic Art Gallery

    Muchnic Art Gallery

    Parquet floors, stained-glass windows, hand-tooled leather and finely-carved woodwork set an impressive surrounding for the works of regional artists that change each month. Listed in the

  • The Post Office Murals

    The Post Office Murals

    The Horton Post Office was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. The two murals on the Walls, "Picnic in Kansas" and "Changing of Horses for the Pony Express"

  • Lee Dam Center for Fine Art

    Lee Dam Center for Fine Art

    The center for fine art brings cultural events, visual arts, music, and educational programs to the community of Marysville to enhance and enrich the lives of citizens of all ages.

  • WPA Mural

    WPA Mural

    This mural is on display in the Sabetha Post Office as one of the WPA cultural projects in the 1940s. It it listed on the National Historic Register. The artist is Albert T. Reid.

  • Tall Oak Sculpture

    Tall Oak Sculpture

    Mr. Peter Wolf Toth came to Troy to sculpt Kansas' Indian monuments, the twenty-ninth in a series. Mr. Toth'

  • Interesting Stonework

    There's some interesting stonework in the buildings in the park just south of downtown.

  • American Indian Art Center

    The American Indian Art Center is dedicated to promoting native American artists and craft persons from this region. There are 100 artisans from 30

  • WPA Mural

    Thanks to the efforts of the Smithsonian Institute our Post Office Lobby provides an opportunity to view one of the remaining depression era murals commissioned by the WPA. The 1938 mural entitled, "

  • Jim Brother's Bronze Sculptures

    Jim Brother's Bronze Sculptures

    The Memorial Hall is host to a regular tour of Jim Brother's Bronze Sculptures, which have garnered Worldwide acclaim. His awards and credits are numerous and include the Carl Akeley Medallion, (

  • "Presence of Three"

    This unique sculpture depicts the Pottawatomie Indians, the Mission and the Oregon Trail. It can be seen on the north side of Highway 24 in the center of town.

  • Raymer's Red Barn Studio

    Raymer's Red Barn Studio

    The Raymer Society for the Arts presents Lester Raymer'

  • Antique Fountain

    Antique Fountain

    This ornate fountain was built in 1884 and is located in Central Park.

  • The Works of Gerald Moore

    By day, Gerald Moore is a typical farmer. He has a diversified farming operation on nearly 700

  • Hays Arts Center Gallery

    Hays Arts Center Gallery

    The Center is the home of the Hays Arts Council, Kansas'

  • Stone Gallery

    Stone Gallery

    Pete "Fritz"

  • Ed Root Sculptures

    Ed Root Sculptures

    Ed Root farmed south of Lucas until an automobile accident forced an early

  • Florence Deeble's Rock Garden

    Florence Deeble's Rock Garden

    Florence Deeble was a child watching with curiosity, when S.P. Dinsmoor was

  • Outdoor Murals

    Outdoor Murals

    This mural is painted on the side of the building bordering Cecil Bricker Park at 8th and Main in downtown Russell.

  • Elk Dreamer Art Gallery

    The newest attraction to Wakeeney features southwest art prints and sculptures.

  • Corporal Noah V. Ness Statue

    Corporal Noah V. Ness Statue

    A vital link that ties centuries and generations together are the stories of our heritage and the documents and monuments that recapture them.

  • Denton Art Center

    Denton Art Center

    The Denton Art Center is the home of the Arkansas City Arts Council. Many exhibits, programs, and classes are held at this Center. This striking 1914

  • Earl Wright Gallery

    The Brown Center on the Cowley College campus houses the Earle Wright Gallery. The campus itself is worth visiting just to see the many pieces of sculpture that landscape the exterior.

  • Stan Herd Mural

    Painted by Stan Herd in 1992

  • Resurrection Window

    Resurrection Window

    by Stan Detrixhe

  • "Pioneer Family" Statue

    The native limestone statue is the work of artist Pete Felten and overlooks the central business district.

  • Spring Creek Casting

    A gallery featuring the work of local artist, Anna Seeber Shaw, and is where castings of original sculptured artwork are produced. Visitors are welcome, and tours are available.

  • Minium Fossil Quarry Mural

    Minium Fossil Quarry Mural

    On the south side of Main Street is the beautiful facade of the Citizen'

  • The Puppet Factory

    Goodland is home of the Puppet Factory - Manufacturing 85 Hand Puppets with worldwide sales

  • Buffalo Statue

    Buffalo Statue

    The Buffalo Statue is located in front of the courthouse and was presented to the city by local sculptor, Pete Felton, renowned Kansas artist.

  • Outdoor Mural

    Outdoor Mural

    This outdoor artwork is painted on the west side of the building at 4th and State Street, by H-D Productions, 1997.

  • "Spirit of the Prairie" Sculpture

    This representation of the steadfast spirit of the early pioneers that led the way into the frontier stands in front of the Thomas County Courthouse. Artist - Charles Norton, 1985

  • Post Office WPA Mural

    Post Office WPA Mural

    The Post Office was built in 1936. Inside is the mural "Rural Delivery," depicting a postman of yesterday delivering mail to his country patrons. It was painted by Kenneth Adams, a WPA artist.

  • Carnegie Center For The Arts

    Carnegie Center For The Arts

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, the center features a variety of art exhibits. The building is a former Carnegie Library constructed in 1907

  • Cowboy Statue On Boot Hill

    Cowboy Statue On Boot Hill

    Dodge City's oldest monument (1927)

  • C.J. "Buffalo" Jones Statue


    The bronze statue on the courthouse lawn was unveiled in September 1978 and dedicated at the July 4, 1979 celebration of Garden City's Centennial. Highlights of Jones'

  • Sawlog Mural

    Sawlog Mural

    The 'point of rocks'

  • Parman Brothers Ltd.

    Parman Brothers Ltd.

    Over the years, on the treeless prairie of Southwest Kansas, Steve and David Parman have carved out an unlikely livelihood from wood.

  • Baker Arts Center

    Baker Arts Center

    Known as a "cultural oasis on the prairie", the Baker Arts Center is an art education facility which promotes the arts in Southwest Kansas. A 5000

  • Rural Artwork

    These metal collages form two gateways between the fencing in rural Protection east on Highway 9.

  • Ghost Riders of the Chisholm Trail Silhouette

    Ghost Riders of the Chisholm Trail Silhouette

    The "Ghost Riders of the Chisholm Trail" are life-size cattle drive figures on stoney bluff astride the real Chisholm Trail. The "Ghosts" will forever remind us of the great cattle drives, 1866-1886

  • Art and Outdoor Murals

    Art and Outdoor Murals

    Caldwell has a variety of Murals throughout the city.

    Avenue D and Market
  • Post Office Mural

    Post Office Mural

    The Caldwell Post Office, built in the 1930s, is listed on the National Historic Register, as it displays one of the collection of murals commissioned during the Depression Era by the WPA.

  • Fountain in the Park

    Fountain in the Park

    Hesperian ladies from 1909 until 1914 earned approximately $5,000.00 for park improvements. They purchased a "fountain popular for the times"

  • Carnegie Factory Gallery & Park

    Carnegie Factory Gallery & Park

    In 1883-1884, one of Newton's largest industries was established, J.J. Krehbiel's Carriage Factory. Mr. Krehbiel was one of the founders of Bethel College. In 1993

  • Shafer Art Gallery

    Shafer Art Gallery

    The L. E. "Gus" and Eva Shafer Memorial Art Gallery has been referred to as the "Gem of the Campus"

  • Kansas Quilt Walk

    The art of quilt making figures strongly in the history of our early pioneers. The "Kansas Quilt Walk" was developed to both honor and celebrate our pioneering history and spirit.

  • Kingman Post Office Mural

    Kingman Post Office Mural

    The Kingman Post Office is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of the mural on the inside south wall of the building. The Painting at the Kingman Post Office is one of over 1

  • Fisk Opus 106 Pipe Organ

    Fisk Opus 106 Pipe Organ

    The Opus 106 Pipe Organ is a superb mechanical-action pipe organ built by one of the finest organ builders in the world. It arrived on the Pittsburg State campus in March, 1995

  • Oswego Murals

    Oswego Murals

    National Patriotic Themes - This mural is painted on a side building behind the Visitor Center Caboose at Hiways 59 and 96. It was painted in 1992 by Mary Faye (Casey)

  • Ted Watts Sports Art Gallery

    Ted Watts Sports Art Gallery

    Nationally acclaimed sports artist, Ted Watts, maintains a studio here and tours may be arranged. Sports Illustrated described Watts as "one of the fastest-rising sports illustrators in the country."

  • Lied Center at the University of Kansas

    Lied Center at the University of Kansas

    The University of Kansas' $14.3

  • The Walker Art Collection

    Housed within the Garnett Public Library lies the Mary Bridget McAuliffe Walker Art Collection. Established in 1951

  • Stone House Gallery

    Stone House Gallery

    Built in 1872, the Stone House was one of Fredonia's early residences and is a State of Kansas Historic Site. Today, it is the home of the Fredonia Arts Council.

  • Lawrence Arts

    Lawrence Arts

    Lawrence is proud of its artists, arts institutions, galleries, and alternative art spaces. During the 1990s, Lawrence ranked 12

  • Stan Herd Earth Art

    Stan Herd Earth Art

    The Medicine Wheel earth art was designed by a Haskell art instructor and Haskell students and built by internationally known crop-artist, Stan Herd (also a Lawrencian)

  • Giant Van Gogh

    Giant Van Gogh

    The Big Easel Project began in 1996 when an artist and teacher, Cameron Cross, decided to contribute a work of art to the city in which he was teaching, Altona, Canada.

  • Art by Duke Wellington and Waylord Gregory

    Duke Wellington Mural Scenic exploration of the history of Columbus and Kansas. Displayed in the Columbus Community Building on East Maple. Wayland Gregory Sand Sculpture

  • Murals


    1. " The Baxter Springs Massacre" by Edmond V. Ness is displayed inside the museum. - Historical Museum, 8th and East Avenue 2. Painted on the exterior wall of Bilke'

  • Historic Murals

    Historic Murals

    Located throughout Coffeyville are murals depicting Coffeyville'

  • Burlington Post Office

    Burlington Post Office

    The Post Office building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 17, 1989 for its association with the Treasury Department'

  • Chanute Art Gallery

    Chanute Art Gallery

    The Chanute Art Gallery houses over 1,700 square feet of outstanding art and sculpture pieces. The gallery owns a permanent core collection of over 500 works of art which includes 25

  • Memorial Auditorium

    Memorial Auditorium

    If your interests are music or theatre, Chanute's Memorial Auditorium recently underwent a series of major improvements, making it one of the finest facilities of its kind in Kansas. The 1,200

  • Hubbell's Rubble People

    Hubbell's Rubble People

    On the West side of Highway 99 on Adam's Street, see whimsical outdoor sculptures made from cast-offs. They will definitely make you smile. CAMERA TIME!

  • Ulrich Museum of Art

    Ulrich Museum of Art

    The Ulrich Museum of Art, an integral part of Wichita State University, was established in 1974 to enhance and support the university'

  • Wichita Art Museum

    Wichita Art Museum

    The Wichita Art Museum (WAM)

  • Decorative Arts Collection

    Decorative Arts Collection

    One of Wichitašs Museums on the River, the worldwide headquarters of the Society of Decorative Painters houses the Decorative Arts Collection, more than 800

  • City Arts

    City Arts

    Located in the heart of Old Town on Old Town Plaza, CityArts is a center for artistic creation and appreciation. See the best of local and regional art in one of Wichita'

  • Stan Herd Mural

    Stan Herd Mural

    The Stan Herd mural painted in 1986 on a building on Main Street shows the artist's vision of how Inman might have looked in 1910

  • Hutchinson Art Center

    Hutchinson Art Center

    The Hutchinson Art Center is both a fine art museum and commercial gallery. Since 1949

  • Neodesha Arts Association

    Neodesha Arts Association

    Housed in an impressive Georgian building built in 1914

  • Post Office Mural

    Installed in 1938 on the lobby walls of the Neodesha Post Office is a WPA mural entitled "Neodesha's First Inhabitants" painted by Bernard Steffen. The building is listed on the

  • Covered Wagon Sculpture

    Covered Wagon Sculpture

    A covered wagon and life-size team of bronze oxen attract attention along Highway 99, south of Westmoreland.

  • Quilt Displays

    Quilt Displays

    One of Overbrook's most colorful and delightful attractions is the Overbrook Quilt Connection that has been attracting quilters from far and near since 1994

  • Post Office Mural

    Post Office Mural

    The U.S. Treasury Department commissioned the oil mural, "Kansas Gusher" by Donald Silks which has been placed on the National Register

  • Anthology of Argentine Wall

    Anthology of Argentine Wall

    The prevailing spirit of Argentine and its people inspired local artists to document the life and times of residents of the Argentine area with a mural that is 220

  • El Dorado, Kansas - City of the Arts

    El Dorado, Kansas - City of the Arts

    ART GALLERIES Commerce Bank Atrium Gallery Circle Gallery & Frame Shop Gift Horse Farm - Gallery & Gardens Bill Walton Studio & Art Gallery Erman B. White Gallery Time-Light Images Gallery &

  • Garden of Isis Starclock

    Garden of Isis Starclock

    "Grassroots art" is a term describing art made by people with no formal artistic training . . . (usually of retirement age)using ordinary materials in an extraordinary way . . .

  • Iron Art

    Iron Art

    The Iron Indian Display is located 1/2

  • Circle Gallery & Frame Shop

    Circle Gallery & Frame Shop

    "Custom framing, original art, art reproductions and scroll saw hardwood gifts. Circle Gallery has served the custom framing needs in Butler County for over 33

  • Bowl Plaza

    The Bowl Plaza idea came about because of the lack of public restrooms for the 10,000 plus visitors that come to visit the Lucas attractions every year.

  • Creature Creations Metal Art

    Creature Creations Metal Art

    This dragon sculpture is one of many Creature Creations built by J.R. Dickerman viewable in his "Open Range Zoo"

  • Walking Tour of Art Displays

    Walking Tour of Art Displays

    Nearly a dozen art sculptures are located on the beautiful campus of Fort Hays State University.

  • Kansas Postcard Collection

    Kansas Postcard Collection

    The Kansas Postcard Collection was donated to Fort Hays State University and the community of Hays by the Association of Community Arts Agencies in 2006