Kansas Landmarks

  • C.W. Parker Carousel

    C.W. Parker Carousel

    This antique carousel is a National Landmark and was built in Abilene by C.W. Parker c. 1901. The carousel is a track-operated machine consisting of 24 hand-carved horses and 4 chariots on a 50

  • Council Oak

    Council Oak

    A shelter east of the Neosho River bridge protects the stump of the Council Oak. Gathered in the shade of the big oak on a hot August day in 1825

  • Custer Elm

    Custer Elm

    Legend has it that while patrolling the Santa Fe Trail with his famous 7

  • Old City Well

    Old City Well

    Westmoreland's Historic Hand Dug Well was constructed in 1914, as 40

  • Post Office Oak and Museum

    Post Office Oak and Museum

    This 300-year-old bur oak (just the trunk remains) served as the unofficial post office for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail from 1825-1847

  • Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    Still etched in the prairie, the 175-year-old Santa Fe Trail ruts carved their niche in our nation's history by helping move freight and settlers to the great Southwest. To see the ruts, take US-56 (

  • Atchison - Morman Grove

    Atchison - Morman Grove

    A historic marker erected by the Kansas State Historical Society that commemorates the site where, during the years between 1855 and 1857, some 20,000 Mormons camped before moving on to their "

  • Town Clock

    Town Clock

    The Town Clock is the only such clock between Indianapolis and Denver on Highway U.S. 36. It was built in 1891 as part of the First National Bank building and is listed on the Kansas Register

  • Old Hand Dug Well

    Old Hand Dug Well

    This well is the widest and second largest hand-dug well in Kansas. It is 34 feet in width and 65 feet in depth. The well was dug by hand in 1895

  • Alcove Spring

    Alcove Spring

    Alcove Spring is a spring of fresh water flowing from the side of the alcove into the basin below the Naomi Pike 10-12

  • Old Stone Wall

    Old Stone Wall

    The Stone wall behind and across the street from Grant's statue is a favorite with photographers. The wall was restored in the early part of this century by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

  • Peabody City Park

    Peabody City Park

    Peabody's beautiful City Park has provided a meeting place for generations of community members. The idea of a park was perhaps established in 1876 when the tradition of having a county wide 4

  • Coronado Heights

    Coronado Heights

    Coronado Heights is a twenty-six acre virgin prairie park overlooking the Smoky Valley. The first buildings of Lindsborg were at the foot of this hill. Legend says it was also a lookout for Coronado'

  • Geographic Center of the U.S.

    Geographic Center of the U.S.

    This is the Center of the U.S.A. original 48 states, as determined by the government geodetic survey in 1898. It is the crossroads of the nation, proper, on US-281 highway.

  • Apollo 17 Marker

    Apollo 17 Marker

    St. Francis, Kansas is the birthplace and boyhood home of Apollo astronaut, Ron Evans, who was aboard the Apollo 17 in its sixth and final lunar expedition of the Apollo series in 1972.

  • Lighted Cross

    The Lighted Cross was made possible by the effort and support of the local community.

  • Santa FeTrail Tracks

    Santa FeTrail Tracks

    Tracks of the original wagon trail used by pioneers from 1821 to 1872 are located nine miles west of town. This site, listed on the National Register of Historic Sites

  • Point of Rocks Prairie Landmark

    Point of Rocks Prairie Landmark

    The Point of Rocks landmark is located eight miles south of Jetmore on US 283, 6.75 miles east and 1.5 miles north. Before the settlement of the area, the 'point of rocks'

  • Selkirk Hand Dug Well

    Selkirk Hand Dug Well

    The old well is the only remnent of a once busy Santa Fe Railroad of the Great Bend Division in western Kansas. The hand-dug well has been beautifully preserved, being 110 years old. It is 24

  • Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    Come and see the wheel ruts of the famous 60 mile "Jornada" Trail, a stretch of arid prairie between the Arkansas and Cimarron Rivers referred to by early Spanish explorers as the "jornada de muerte"

  • Spring House

    Spring House

    The spring house at Conway Springs is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Mennonite Settler Statue

    Mennonite Settler Statue

    The tallest, sturdiest Mennonite in Kansas stands seventeen feet tall in the Athletic Park. He is the Mennonite Settler Statue built in 1942

  • Petrified Tree Stump

    A five foot high exemplary sample of petrified wood. Over 24

  • Cannonball Stageline Highway

    Cannonball Stageline Highway

    Donald R. Green was originally from Kentucky but learned to ride a stage coach while living in Montana. Hearing about how people were moving westward through Kansas during the late 1800

  • Father Padilla Cross and Historic Marker

    Father Padilla Cross and Historic Marker

    This cross was erected in 1950 by the Kansas Knights of Columbus to honor Father Juan Padilla who accompanied Coronado to Kansas in 1541. He returned in 1542

  • Buffalo Bill Mathewson's Well

    Buffalo Bill Mathewson's Well

    In 1863, "Buffalo" Bill Mathewson opened a trading post next to Cow Creek Crossing. His hand-dug, 34

  • Burr Oak Tree

    On the east bank of the Verdigris River at Neodesha you can see a large Burr Oak tree that is about 300

  • Huge American Flag

    Huge American Flag

    40 x 60 foot flag greets residents and travelers from atop a 100 foot flagpole rising from Fredonia's South Mound. Beautiful park setting with views for miles around.

  • Bandstand on the Courthouse Lawn

    Bandstand on the Courthouse Lawn

    This charming bandstand was built in 1932 as a W.P.A. project. The roof was destroyed in the early 1960'

  • Historic Clock Tower

    Historic Clock Tower

    Located on the north side of the Courthouse parking lot, the clock tower houses the massive clock from the original courthouse.

  • Lone Elm Campground

    Lone Elm Campground

    Three miles south of Olathe on Lone Elm Road, on the main branch of the Santa Fe Trail, was the site of a spring (now enclosed in a small well)

  • Santa Fe/Oregon Trail Junction

    Santa Fe/Oregon Trail Junction

    In a 1924 dedication of a State Historical Marker at the edge of Gardner, Senator Rolla W. Coleman called the place where the trails divide "the grand-daddy of all highway junctions."

  • Santa Fe Trail Ruts

    Ruts left by wagon trains can be found along Ash Creek, a tributary that feeds the Arkansas River. Ask at the Farmer'